Jake Crocker and Kid Raiya Turn Every Listener Into a "Fiend"

Odd Nugget Social-done

Jake Crocker's "Fiend" is big, shaky sh!# to give you shell-shock.

Absolutely epic EDM; "Fiend" drags you up, then let's you drop.

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Rhythmless rain and romance dying out...

Think about her and a life lived without.

You doubt she would care if you never came back.

Best to move on with your heart still intact.

Fiend Cover – Final-done

"I only call you when I'm lonely..."

Crazy dynamic, each chorus in this track is a new attack on the ears. Jake dreams up some deep, daunting dubstep drops in "Fiend" and the result is a beastly banger.

Mixed and mashed-up words form a frothy flux, yielding to backbreaking bass lines and deep vocals. Wet splashes of sonic chroma coat the mix from every corner. It's a world of sound all around.

A combustible tempo ticks down to fragmented seconds preceding each chorus's bottomless drop. A myriad of elements dance hand-in-hand around a bonfire of brooding lyrics. Brooding lyrics break away; brought back by the verse's return.

"Fiend" is class dubstep, delivered with enough modern magic to make you listen more than once. Give it a try.

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