Jaicee Rentz Sings in "Colors"


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Jaicee Rentz's fresh EP "Colors" is the nook novelty's been nestled in.

In "Colors" Rentz sorts a swirl of sounds and influences to sonic perfection. Bass as a quake, beats in cascades, melodies as starshine and vocals in kaleidoscope... Brace yourselves.

"Take me to space"

First up is the EP's titular track "Colors."

Innocent questions probe the darkness. We tread the path to our childhood doorstep, press against the hinges, ready our senses for familiarity and shed our school bags.

Colors is a lovely trip home; dramatic and hopeful with standout vocals and nuanced bass-strong buildups.

"Momma Birdy" carries Jaicee's satisfyingly bass-heavy balladry out another inch, swarming the senses with raspy strings and soft singing.

It's heartfelt and soft with mesmerizing, lapsing melody blending banjo to beat.

"If I could go back..."

In "Yesterdays Night," Jaicee meets up with a wide berth of vocal effects to great effect. At times, it's wildly quiet. At others... Soothingly strong.

Boom, boom go the drums of dreams and childish wonder in "Superzoomy Spaceships."

Beck was offbeat, but Rentz has him beat here. At the risk of sounding punny, I can assert that this track's out of this world.

Everything there is to love about Jaicee's sound flutters free in this one. Big bass, off-the-wall effects and neat tints of retro color this (and the EP) the color awesome.

Jaicee is off to a stunning start with this. Her ambitious and unbelievably unique EP "Colors" is blue and pink as youth, but bold and pungent with novelty.

It'd be a shame to miss out, so listen and love.

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