Jackdylan and Dakun Whistle from the "windowstill"


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Choppy guitar chops and a loud, layered duet make Jackdylan and Dakun's "windowstill" an easy track to place on replay.

It's all placid pain put to musical poetry...

"...But I couldn't let go."

Toes in water... Lake sinks into the forest.

Trees peak into mirror over your shoulders. You make ripples race to garble their image.

No use... It all goes still again. You can't shake peace.


"Wish you were there when I needed you most..."

A dynamic and feature-rich feel Jackdylan and Dakun have in their music. At once intimate as it is polished, the entirety of their EP "caffeine & nicotine" seems strikingly natural and spontaneous.

"windowstill", best demonstrates this with its smooth amalgam of moody R&B, pop rock and hip hop. As a finished result, it's something like Major Lazer meets Utada Hikaru, but a bit sharper.

Lyrically, you can pick up on the little life struggles feeding "windowstill's" fire. As a love song, it's on the nose. As a labor of love, Heaven alone knows its depth.

Dakun and Jackdylan have put together an impressive EP with "caffeine & nicotine". "windowstill" warrants a listen at least. Listen and repeat.

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