J-Hamz Promises to "Keep On Lovin"


Odd Nugget Social-done

Funky groove and old-school house style combine in J-Hamz's fresh track "Keep On Lovin."

There's a bit of Major Lazer in J-Hamz's sound, with less island and lots of melodic punctuation. This one'll bang you up with the beat.

"I just want to keep on lovin' you..."

Lazers shoot like starshine across a dark dance floor. You're in the mix.

Flickering lights freeze and quarter the club. Still scenes snap in and out before your eyes.

A live wire ignites your steaming body. You're hot. You're stepping.

Odd Nugget fea-done

"Baby, I mean it alright..."

Ricocheting melodies slap up against a relentless beat in "Keep On Lovin." It's all bound tightly together and the result is moving.

This track is mean and taut - clapping its way into your marrow and zapping its way along your synapses.

That old-school house feel permeates through "Keep On Lovin" like the bubbly scratch of vinyl over itself.

Up for dancing? This one's yours. Have a listen and enjoy.

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