IV DANTE's "Be With Me" Will Make You Mellow

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IV Dante delivers balmy rock with a pinch of pop in his newest tune "Be With Me".

Smooth, smart rock stylings melt in a puddle of melody...

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Shimmering horizon. Blind behind the blazing Sun...
The air's an ocean. You're diving deep.

Deep enough to drown...

A hand upon your own... At least you're not alone.

"I just need some time..."

Like Crowded House's "Weather With You," IV DANTE sprays upbeat rock vibes around in "Be With Me," but brighter, newer and a bit less verbose. This is proud pop rock with a calming twist.

Cold chords over warm lyrics invite you into DANTE's world, dissolving to an enticing mix of mellow pop rock. A finger-snapping intro beckons us into verse, verse builds subtle string licks to a clean-cut chorus and the chorus creates a castle in the air atmosphere you'll want to wait around in.

As a whole, "Be With Me" benefits from careful construction. Each moment in this song moves seamlessly into the next; no rough spots to speak of. Verse to chorus, singing to solo, drums to drops, rhythm and melody... It's solid stuff.

This is an easy track to put on replay for the day. A few listens and you'll never leave. You're welcome to give that a try, of course. Go on.

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