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Goosebump alert! These are some seriously strange wizard tales. Proceed with caution...

Harry Potter's Twin Sister

Separated at birth when she fell out of the crib and crawled away, out of her destroyed house, Lila is reunited with Harry in their third year, by Dumbledore, finally locating her.

She had lived her whole life with Madame Maxine who received Lila when she was just a baby from a friend who had found her in Godrics Hollow.

She was raised a Veela, but struggled to be lady like.

Dumbledore transfers her over too Hogwarts and Lila and Harry are closer than anyone would have suspected.

Being away from them for thirteen years.

She's so much like her brother, black, smooth hair and even has the same exact scar in the same exact place.

They were so much alike that she even had Lily's heart and James troublemaking.

A whole lot of mischief awaits them in their third year! Big Thanks to J.K Rowling who wrote the most awesome books ever!

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Just like the wizard told me, after massacring the goblin tribe the fantasy world I was transported to began to fade and I returned to my world.

But standing in the middle of the classroom, covered in gory and viscera, I now realize that my actions in each world weren't independent of each other.

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More Like This

as I escaped the wizard's underground dungeon, my body felt heavy.

That was when I realized why he had such odd statues.

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Boy Meets Demon

Rascal can't slack off from torturing Hell's souls, or his father, the Devil, will lose his seat on the Infernal Throne.

When the Infernal League of Evil rankings are announced, Rascal's estranged brother shows up and blindsides Hell by knocking the Devil from the top spot.

Jay summons Rascal in an occult ritual so that he can take revenge on the homophobic school bullies who have been making his life miserable.

Rascal spots an opportunity.

Jay can get vengeance, and Rascal can wreak havoc on Earth, earning enough negative karma points to regain the Infernal throne.

Rascal becomes attracted to Jay, and he possesses Jay's skater boy crush so that they can get physically closer.

Everything has a cost, and the currency in Hell is an eye for an eye.

Each act of vengeance marks Jay's immortal soul, earning him a one-way ticket to Hell.

Jay may be willing to pay the price of eternal damnation, but as lust turns to love, will Rascal let him? Cover art by Alex Zappa

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A wizards wicked whisper is my nightmares frequent feature.

I shudder and I quiver when his spell summons ademon.

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The wizard said that all my dreams would come true before he dissapeared.

I have always suffered from sleep terrors

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Myth High Book I FIRST DRAFT

Mostly Uneditted in the process of being rewritten behind the scenes.

It will be completely different THIS PAGE IS ONLY TO BE INCLUDED UNDER THESE CIRCUMSTANCES: 1) The species this particular student is is brand new or rare 2) Particular student is a mixed breed 3) This student is human Explanation: Andrea Silver is a human.

She has no other species blood in her.

She is pure human.

WARNING: 1) There is no need to be worried, unless the species happens to be lower on the food chain.

2) No cause for alarm 3) If this student is in fact a human, then constant monitoring and detailed instructions of what to do and not do in front of said student MUST be used to protect ourselves from the prying eyes of humans.

Hey, new, rewriten version of Myth High! Hope you enjoy it! Amazing Cover by: thepiedownthehall (seriously, go check them out) 052916 353 on Paranormal 060216 218 on Paranormal 090616 297 on Paranormal 100516 215 on Paranormal

Myth High Book I FIRST DRAFT on Wattpad

"Caribbean," I said, and the magic ring took me there instantly, just as the wizard had promised.

Too late I realized that if I wanted to say, "home"--or any words at all ever again--I should have specified someplace with air.

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