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Only someone who loves getting spooked will find the following small town stories and books more fun than freaky. What do you think?

Devil's Daughter

Clayrin and her mom, Sarah recently moved to a new house in Aurndale, a small town in Arizona.

Sarah hopes this move to bring some normality in her teenage daughter's life.

The beautiful town provides comfort to the family but for a short while.

Soon, the town reveals an ancient curse and Clayrin once again runs from the fate that has been ordained .

Will Clayrin be able to remove the curse by herself? Will she be able to trust others as she continues her journey? Most importantly, will Alissa be able to forgive herself and her special abilities? Let's begin the journey together with Clayrin and witness the horrors of greed left buried for centuries.

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When puddles of blood began pooling around the small town, DNA testing matched them to the babies born there that year.

Each test also concluded their ages to be five years old.

Posted on Reddit by justadair.

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My grandpa was the mayor of a small town for forty five years before they done 'n forced him to retire after those girls gone missin'.

But pappi always said he was pretty sure he knew what their daddy did to em, but that man was the only judge in our rural district. . .

Posted on Reddit by sar1562.

She's So Gone

When Caroline returns home to find both her crush and the boy next door want to be with her, she's determined to keep her secrets from ruining everything.

Caroline Rogers is back.

Having left behind her life to attend a prestigious musical academy the last three years, Caroline returns a whole new person, determined not to be weighed down by the scars of bullying that plagued her before.

Her best friend and life-long crush is there to welcome her back, and he might finally return feelings for her.

If only she could trust him again after what happened in their past.

And when one of her former bullies, captivating bad boy Kieran, starts trying to connect with her in the wake of betrayal, Caroline is left confused over who she can really trust in this town, and how far gone she is from her past.

Content andor Trigger Warning: Not suitable for readers under the age of 13.

There will be some mature language and sexual themes present.

word count: 80,000-90,000 words]]

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[JUL21] Every time there's a thunderstorm in my small town, a dead person comes back to life happy and healthy with all of their memories.

And now, as storm season approaches, I'm hoping I have a speedy recovery from my broken leg so I can leave town before my wife comes back and tells everyone my secret.

Posted on Reddit by thetruthinthemadness.

UFO sighting in my hometown, back around 2012-3013 (Small town in NH)

So I've told this story to countless friends and family members. Obviously some think I'm crazy, but some believe me strictly for the fact that I have two other witnesses who could corroborate the incident..

So one night around 12a-1a, my best friend and I were driving his girlfriend home for the night. The road we had to go down was rather long, completely straight shot to her house as well. On both sides of the road are tree lines. So, as we're driving, I'm in the passenger seat and I like to just stare out car windows when I'm a passenger. Well as I'm looking out at the sky I see a very illuminated white ball over the tree line on the right. It seemed almost like it was following the speed of our car, so I told my friends and they all saw it too. We kind of just wrote it off as maybe a satellite. As we kept driving the trees on both sides get closer to the road and I lost it behind them. A little further down the road it opened up a bit again, and that's when you'd hit some shops like domino's, CVS etc. Well out of habit I look up at the sky again and I could not believe what I saw. I'm looking at CVS and I swear on my mother's life I see a giant black triangular craft hovering above the CVS, maybe 50-100 feet above it. I tell my friend frantically and he immediately whips his car into the parking lot. I jumped out before he even stopped the car, and he did as well as soon as he got to a stop. So I'm now at the entrance to the CVS just staring at this thing, and so is he. It was probably only 10, maybe 15 seconds of looking, but what I noticed it had was three lights, one on each corner of the triangle. All three lights were orange, and it had one bright white light in the middle of the craft. Quicker than I know it rotates mid float and takes off over the tree line at extreme speeds, with ZERO sound coming from it other than the wind moving the trees as it passed over them. I had view of it the entire time until it was just a light speck, and next thing I know it just dissipates into the night sky. If I hadn't been so shocked by the sighting, I would have been smart enough to get a phone out and take a picture, but alas dumb old me was simply perplexed. I still talk to his girlfriend to this day, and when she describes the story, hers 100 lines up with mine, and keep in mind we never talked about it together because she was legitimately scared and refused to talk about it for quite awhile. I don't expect really anyone to believe me when I describe what happens, but I KNOW what I saw and no one will ever change my mind.

I also never reported it, mainly because I am a bit of a conspiracy reader and #$@$ the government or MIB offing me

Not a total nutjob, I just believe certain theories, aliens being among the slim amount. I also just wanted to share after all these years keeping it to myself. If anyone would like to know what area in NH this was sighted, PM me!

Edit: I also have seen weird moving balls of light in the night sky multiple times, all moving in eradic and thoughtless patterns, unlike actual planes or satellites. ALSO have dreams of alien invasionsabductions almost every week to month since seeing it.

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I'd seen plenty of death in my 21-year-old life, and, trust me, it wasn't my choice.

I would never wish my gift on anyone, even when the power running through my family tree was beneficial to society, or, in this case, the small town of Killman, Illinois.

True to its name, of course, this ghost of a town has the highest crime rate in the state, which I doubt is anything to boast about.

This is my short story, created for my college Creative Writing class! Brought to you by popular demand, I hope you enjoy!

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I Live in a small town near chicago.

After the bomb, it slowly disappeared.

Posted on Reddit by ohboi1924.

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