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Ace of Minds

You'd think being a Hollywood star's daughter is all about fame, beauty, and riches? Think again.

Minus the occasional "You're Amanda Clarington's daughter, right?" question, Irene had been leading a very, very normal and not-so-exciting life.

Well, she had.

Until her sixteenth birthday.

School on a secret island, talking goblins, people with 'talents'; sounds normal, right? -- Highest rank: 7 in Paranormal

Ace of Minds on Wattpad

When I was 10 or 11 I saw something that shouldn't be living nowadays or is not from this world.

This is a short story.

I was in my 4th year of primary school, 20142015, I finished my classes and it was like 5:40 pm or a bit later, it was still afternoon and pretty clear sky, after running and walking through the playground I laid on a long seat made of concrete and bricks, looking at the sky. I played alone there for a while looking at the kind of bugs we all have in our eyes until I saw something hundreds of meters above me flying across the sky until it passed a valley. After that I was like "What the #$@$ was that?", It had a pterodactyl kind of shape and I wasn't alone at that moment because there were some kids and parents at the playground of the school I used to go until finishing high school.

I was the only person to see that, something with a pterodactyl shape across the sky in a clear day and it didn't go on the news; I never had hallucinations as a kid I've always been healthy physically and mentally. So when I always remember that moment I keep thinking two things "How could I have been the only person to see it?" And "That thing is not from this planet or shouldn't be living nowadays". I'm now 18 but that moment keeps being strange to me because I was woken up conscious of everything happening around me.

It's bad that I don't have any evidence of it.

Posted on Reddit by lopante.

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I need help figuring out and disposing of a possibly cursed object

Hello, everyone.

I created a reddit account specifically for this post (never used the website so I apologize if I do something wrong). In summary, I need help primarily to dispose of a cursed object and be sure that it has absolutely no power over me or my home anymore. However, I need also to know what exactly is up with it, I'm sure you'll understand why after reading my story.

For the better part of 2018 I dated a guy (I'll name him A) I'd met in high school, three years prior. Back then I also had a best friend I had know since elementary school (I'll name her Z). Z and I were quite inseparable even after I changed schools for high school, so she met all my friends from hs, including A. Long story short, A ended up cheating on me with Z and I decided to end my relationships with both of them. However, I didn't reinforce that as hard as I should have. I didn't block them anywhere, I accepted a birthday gift from A only a week after the whole thing (that's not the cursed object, it turned out to be fine). Basically I never initiated interactions, but if they reached out to me I'd begrudgingly answer. I thought that was the end of it, forgetting about it and moving on without giving it anymore thought.

Fast forward a year: 2019. My birthday came up and AZ (which have been dating ever since the cheating incident) dropped off a necklace at my house as a gift. I took it and left it with my things just like I had done with A's gift the prior year. My mother actually wanted me to throw it away but it was one of those little bottles with moss planted inside so I remember feeling especially guilty for throwing it out and killing a plant, so I didn't do that.

A week after I received the necklace, my father died of a sudden heart attack, in our home. I was the one who found him.

Now, I know it might sound like I'm simply in denial of the fact that, sometimes, tragedies just happen. I know that, but please keep reading.

Some things never felt right about how he died. When I found him, he had blood on his forehead but no wound where it could have possibly come from. A watch he wore everyday went missing, the hospital never returned it so we assumed he wasn't wearing it the moment they took him in, but we did not find it in our house either. Things went wrong at his funeral regarding the suit they were trying to dress him in, he couldn't even have his own clothes on because they were accidentally stained with blood, so he ended up being cremated in a random suit they had there. The blood on his forehead, though, was the thing that always stood out to me. I must also mention that Z sent me messages exactly on the day he died, while we were signing paperwork in the hospital, which is quite the specific coincidence since she only made sporadic attempts of talking to me by that point.

Now, as if that timing wasn't odd enough... Z's mother died in her sleep almost exactly three months after the necklace and my father. She had been battling health conditions for many years, but nothing that would make it expected for her to die suddenly and relatively young. Z actually reached out to me to let me know and ask me to attend the funeral. Z's mom was an incredibly good person, so I did go out of respect for her.

I did not realize these timings were so weird until a whole year later, in 2020. But ever since I noticed them, it's never left my mind. I shared my thoughts with other people and even the atheist ones found it really odd. My mind keeps going back to notions regarding karma and threefold law, wondering if Z's mother died due to some sort of backfire. I must emphasize that both me and Z have been interested in witchcraft for a long time (however, she has practiced it and I have mostly only read about it). And I know A and Z still make up horrible gossip about me to this day, because mutual acquaintances have told me about it, so unfortunately it's not like they have forgotten about me like I initially thought they would.

Even though these thoughts never left my mind, I kept postponing doing something about it, I don't know why, maybe denial, maybe fear (feel free to scold me about it, I know I really shouldn't even have taken the necklace in the first place). Today, however, I stumbled upon a tarot reading that resonated a bit too much. It advised me to put up boundaries to protect myself, so I did. I have already blocked every pathway either A or Z could use to have access to me, and now the one thing left to do is cleanse and dispose of the necklace.

So here I am. Please, I need advice on how to dispose of the necklace in a way that ceases any possible effects it might have on me, my family and my home. Even if you don't believe the necklace had anything to do with my father's passing, please give me the advice you would if you did believe. I'd rather be safe than sorry.

I also ask that if anyone might have an idea of what exactly was done to the necklace or what kind of energyentity is tied to it (the reading I stumbled upon heavily implied that there might be an evil or dark entity related to Z), to please share. If my suspicion really is right (to be honest, I suppose I'd rather be wrong), I need to know what took my father's life. I need to.

I swear, on my life, that everything in this post is true, please believe me. I'm scared and I need help.

Have a blessed life, everyone. I thank you all for your attention and I hope this finds the people who can help me.

Posted on Reddit by CursedIvory.

Typhoon Tempest

Lily Morgan knew she was different, but that had nothing to do with her supernatural abilities.

In a world of abnormal creatures she was an outcast.

With no idea what species she is, Lily keeps her head down throughout school; juggling boring and unusual subjects and research in the library for the lost records of the supernatural.

Until a rainy day when her creature unleashes - the calm before a brutal war of a storm.

Wolves catch her scent.

Vampires crave her blood.

Witches curl their magic in fear.

Fairies tremble on fractured wings.

For Lily Morgan, school was the least of her worries.

Typhoon is part one - completed at 110,000 - 120,000 words Tempest is part two - completed at 100,000 - 110,000 words Typhoon: Watty Awards 2019 Contender (c) Elizabeth H.


Typhoon Tempest on Wattpad

The Breaking Shelf - Potential Poltergeist?

Hey guys, I've been wanting to post my story for a while now, but I've never actually gotten around to it- But after watching some Youtube videos on other people's personal experiences, I figured there's no harm in sharing my own. I've broken it up into sections for easier readability, but the main part is at the end- Skip to that if you just want the meat.

I want to preface this by saying I'm a hard skeptic. It's not that I'm against the idea of paranormal activity, moreso that I prefer to go through every possible scenario in my head before resorting to that. For example, seeing photo orbs as being dust on a lens, or real ghost sightings as a manifestation of mental illnesshallucinations. If there's a rational, real-world explanation, I'm probably going to believe that over the more magical.

--- INTRO ---

Anyway, this series of events happened in my old house, about... 8 years ago now, I think? It was 2014, and I was 15 years old. I was going through a lot at the time with bullying at school, and that combined with general teenage angst meant that I wasn't in the best headspace. I thought the idea of paranormal activity was cool, albeit unlikely, so when a friend suggested playing around with a homemade Ouija board, I decided to give it a go. It... I mean, it didn't do anything. It was just paper with letters drawn on, of course it didn't actually work. Recess ended and I just went on with my life.

(I have no idea if it was just coincidence, or if this was some kind of catalyst, but I thought I'd include it for detail's sake.)

After that, weird things started happening. I think the first was the light.


I was laying in bed with my mum late one night (yes, I know, weird for a 14 year old to share a bed with his mother, but I had SEVERE anxiety. Needless to say I like my privacy now) and she had just fallen asleep. I was still awake, staring at the wall ahead of me. To explain this better, I've included a diagram of the room:

[are a bit off, but whatever, that's the general layout. From where I was laying, I could see the open ensuite door ahead of me, with the window to my left. Suddenly, some kind of light appeared. It was perfectly round, almost like someone was shining a flashlight in through the window- However, what was odd was that it had no distortion. Usually, you'd expect a light shone at an angle to be elongated, but this one wasn't. To make it even stranger, it was half over the ensuite door- And despite this, there was no distortion of the light going into the bathroom itself. It hovered there for a few seconds, until I quickly shoved my mum and asked her if she could see the light, too. She woke up, looked around, and said no- Sure enough, the light was gone.

She was just telling me to go to sleep, when it appeared again in the exact same spot. This time she saw it, because she shut up mid sentence, and just stared. Once again, after a few seconds, it disappeared, and didn't reappear. We were both pretty freaked out at this point, because there's no way someone could be shining a light through the window... The angle was way off, and we had the curtains drawn. It was just this strange, hovering, white light.

Eventually we went back to sleep, because there was nothing we could exactly do about weird orbs appearing in the middle of the night.

--- TVS ---

Next, the TVs started flickering. They'd turn on randomly, and sometimes, we'd wake up to find them with a pure white screen. No noise, or distortion, just totally white. This could easily be dismissed as faulty wiring, probably. I don't know anything about TVs, but technology isn't exactly the most reliable.


This is when I first experienced sleep paralysis. I woke up laying in my bed, on my side, and I saw a figure in the corner. Noticing I couldn't move, I saw the figure come closer, run its hands down my side and rustle the curtains, before I woke up. I already knew about sleep paralysis as a phenomenon, and recognised it immediately after I woke up. It's got a pretty solid scientific explanation, so I didn't think much of it. I was probably just tired.


Up until now, all of these events seemed pretty unrelated, and I didn't really worry much about them. Things very suddenly took a turn for the worse, though. One night, I got up to go to the bathroom, and upon lifting the toilet lid, found it just... FULL of blood. I was pretty tired, and (sorry, this is kinda gross) gt;!just figured my mum had her time of the month and for some reason, used my bathroom and forgot to flush.!lt; I went back to bed.

The next morning when I made a passive aggressive remark about flushing her blood, she told me that it was nowhere near that time of the month for her.

That was pretty damn weird, but like the horror movie protagonist I've proved myself to be thus far, I chalked it up to me imagining things.

Until, of course, blood started to appear on the walls.

At that point, we had 9 indoor cats, so our first thought when waking up to drops of blood on the walls and floor was that one of them was injured. We checked all of them over, but there were NO injuries- And to make it even stranger, the blood was only in a few select spots and didn't form a trail. On the wall, the blood drops were far too high for any cat to reach (we had 9ft ceilings), and didn't have any drip marks... It looked like someone had put a dollop of red paint on the wall and it dried immediately, but it was definitely blood.

At the same time, we started finding strange 'water' in the drawers. My mum noticed one night that there was water 'spilled' on top of her bedside table, and upon opening it, found all her clothes inside totally soaked through. The liquid had absolutely no odor, wasn't sticky, and was completely clear. Anyone who owns cats knows that cat pee has a VERY distinct smell, so that was out of the question- Plus, her drawers were made of a very thick wood, so the chances of the water being able to soak through enough to actually drench the clothes inside was almost impossible.

At this point, we started to think that hey, maybe something weird is actually going on.


From there, things escalated. Items would go missing only to show up again days later, the cats were constantly on edge and freaked out- They'd stare at things on the walls then bolt, and were generally unsettled to an unusual degree. Things would fall off shelves, the liquid and blood kept showing up to the point where it became a normal occurrence, and- Finally- We decided to move.

I think whatever it was in the house REALLY didn't like that.


One night, I had a horrible feeling. It was just this sensation of being watched, nothing I can really describe well. This... Pressure, and uneasiness, like SOMETHING wasn't right. I decided I'd sleep with my lamp on that night, just to ease my stress.

When I woke up, it was to sleep paralysis, and MUCH worse than the last time. It was full auditory, visual, and sensory. I won't go into the details because this isn't an sp post, but the gist of it was a demon talking to me on my chest until I saw the infamous Hat Man, at which point the demon expressed fear and jumped off me- The sleep paralysis then ended.

(Note: I had, like many others, NEVER heard of the hat man before in my entire life. I only recognised him months later when I saw someone's art depicting him as their own 'sp demon' and I started to do research.)

This shook me pretty badly, but again... Sleep paralysis is linked to REM sleep, and hey, maybe I just jinxed myself into experiencing it through that uneasy feeling from earlier.


I only really started to feel unsafe after this event, and it's the one that requires the most description.

I was fast asleep, and it was around 4am. I found out later that my stepdad had just left for work about 20 minutes before, and my mum was awake in her own bed because of that. I, however, didn't wake up.

All I remember is being WOKEN by something. It wasn't the natural way one rouses from sleep, it felt jarring and unnatural, and when I opened my eyes, I screamed.

It was the most terrifying sensation I'd ever felt. Anyone who's been in a life threatening situation would probably be able to understand, that sudden dread and terror, the immediate recognition that something was DESPERATELY wrong. It was like my brain immediately kicked into survival mode, despite not fully comprehending what was happening. I have never experienced night terrors, nor have I ever woken up screaming. This was different to sp, too, because as soon as I woke up, I could move, and I sat up in bed. I need to reiterate that I have never felt this kind of fear before, and I'm someone who has suffered with anxiety for a majority of my life.

When I'd opened my eyes, I saw a shadowy figure standing over me, but I was immediately distracted by the massive crash of everything falling off my wall shelf. I had a few trinket boxes and figurines up there, and a jar full of little crystals I'd had for ages- All of that shattered on the floor.

My mum immediately ran into my room in a panic, only to find me just sitting up in bed with this mess on the floor.

When she asked what was wrong, I couldn't really even answer- I just said I thought someone was in my room, but I must have just heard the shelf items fall and reacted to that. My mum looked confused, and said, no- She'd been awake, and I screamed before the crash. There was absolutely no way I'd been woken up by the crash.

We examined the shelf, and started trying to piece together what had happened. Now, this shelf was only sitting on some boards, and wasn't actually nailed to the wall. This meant that if someone applied pressure to the front or sides, it could tilt forward. Initially, we thought that maybe one of the cats had jumped up and stepped in the wrong spot, causing everything to slide off. However, we quickly realised that this would have been impossible, as the shelf hadn't been moved from its spot at all, and the position where everything fell didn't line up with things just dropping off the shelf. Rather, they'd been thrown with such force that they'd landed further across the room... If a cat really had pushed the shelf down enough to cause everything to slip off, either the shelf would have been moved off its spot a significant amount or have fallen along with everything else.

Not to mention, that still didn't explain why I screamed before the crash, or the dread I'd felt upon waking up and feeling something in the room with me.

Thinking back on it, I realised that when I opened my eyes and screamed, I could remember (in my daze) seeing the items on my shelf be swiped off, like someone had placed their arm on one end of the shelf and thrown everything off as they moved their arm to the other end.

--- END NOTE ---

We moved quickly after, and haven't experienced anything like that since. The TVs that used to flicker and turn on by themselves have never done that again, the cats have settled, and I haven't experienced sleep paralysis ever again.

Was this paranormal? Some kind of angry spirit? A poltergeist? I have no idea. It's one of those things that people will probably look at and say "surely there's a reasonable explanation, OP is just exaggerating or lying, or skipping on important details"- Because I know that's how I'd react. It's how I do react to these kinds of stories- But I guess paranormal experiences are just something that you have to experience yourself to really believe.

I'm fascinated by sleep paralysis now, and the collective images we experience during it- The act itself is easily explained by REM sleep patterns, but not what we experience within it. Is sleep paralysis something more than funky brain patterns? I really damn wish I knew.

Id you've read this far, thanks, you're super cool! I want to know if anyone else has experienced this kind of progression of events, with things getting progressively worse until they become dangerous!

Posted on Reddit by Zephyrinx.

Encounters me and family members have had

Now I'm not sure if me and certain members of my family have gifts or not , but feel free to read these true stories and you can share your experiences here , ask me any questions and so on.

I'm going to start with mine and my husband's experience that happened in 2011 . We were leaving the drive inn at about 1am in June of 2011. We were not drunk , high or under the influence of any kind. Anyways , we were driving underneath an old railroad bridge. That's when we seen her. We both seen her at the same time , so I could not blame it on my imagination or anything else! She looked like a human , but in spiritghost form. She was bluish , whitish , glowing and transparent. She had shoulder length hair and was wearing a dress that went down to her knees. We were so shocked that my husband did not have time to swerve or stop. We actually drove right through her. We looked at eachother in amazement and circled around to see if we could see her again , but she was gone. Here's the thing though , we still to this day do not understand why she was there or her purpose, or the purpose of us seeing her. I will say that prior to seeing her , I never really thought about ghosts and I was highly skeptical about them. When we seen her if we would have swerved left , we would have ran into a concrete wall. If we would have swerved right , we would have either ran into the concrete wall or we would have drove off the road into a creek that had about a 14 foot drop and there was also a huge hole to the right of us that went down to the creek. The bridge has a lot of history in the neighborhood. One time when I was younger a kid caught the bridge on fire while there was homeless people living under it. There were rumors that a few people died , but I never found out for sure. In 2007 , I was hanging out on the bridge with some friends when an angry , drunk man came up there with a loaded gun and was threatening to shoot all of us. My friends had to calm him down and luckily he left and none of us were injured. In 2017 , I was going through a really rough time in my life and I was going to hang myself on that same bridge, my mom ended up committing suicide that same day. Well years later (2021) , I was talking to a friend about the ghost i had seen on the bridge. She began asking me questions to verify what she suspected. A neighbor in my friend's apartment building had a friend who committed suicide on the same bridge when she was a teenager. The reason she took her life , was because she got kicked out by her parents when they found out she was pregnant. My friend and I were going to create a memorial for the deceased teenager on the bridge where she committed suicide. We were supposed to do that this summer. Well sadly , my friend ended up committing suicide in February of this year.

A true story my grandma told me...

She was at her aunt in laws funeral. She was very close to her while she was alive. While she was at her funeral , she watched her aunt in law's spirit sit up out of her body and climb out of the casket. ( Her physical body was still in the casket) My grandma said she looked right at her for about a minute. My grandma said she looked around to see if anyone else could see what she was seeing and no one seemed to see her deceased aunt in law , just her. Her spirit ended up walking out of the room and my grandma said she never seen her again after that. I believe my grandma 100 , because she never lies about anything. I should also mention that my grandma was completely sober!

My 5 year old son's story...

He did not know what ghosts were , we were not spiritual, we did not go to church. There was no way he could have made this story up. He is 12 now , but still remembers seeing the ghost! His dad and I were sleeping and he was awake , I'm guessing it was sometime after midnight. He said there was a tall, greenish man that had a beard , a jacket , jeans and a hat. He was walking through our bedroom while we were asleep. My son said he could somewhat see through him. He looked at my son and my son said he wasn't really scared at the time , but he climbed into our bed ( not the ghost , my son). He said he watched the ghost man exit our room by going through a wall , that led to the outside.

Another encounter my son had....

He was about 3 at the time and all of us in the house were awake ( me , him , his dad). He was in his bedroom by himself , playing with his toys. He came in running and yelling "There's a man with a brown hat in my bedroom'" I ran in there immediately and I did not see anyone or anything in there.

My dad , aunt and uncle's encounter...

This happened before I was born , but to this day when I ask them , they ask agree to what they saw. My dad is not spiritual or religious at all , but he does not like to talk about this experience, because he said to this day it's creepy and it weirds him out big time. Anyways , my dad , aunt and uncles were sitting in their kitchen eating breakfast one morning before school. There was a window in their kitchen that was about 8 ft high from the ground outside. One of them happened to look up and a ghost man was looking at them through the window. When one noticed , they all noticed and they all remember and can recall the encounter.

My brother's encounter...

This was a few years ago. He woke up from a nightmare he was having and a few minutes later , when he sat up in his bed , he noticed and old man ghost at the end of his bed who was reaching and grabbing for him.

A encounter someone close to me had...

This person was about 5 years old at the time and at a family member's house. The person walked down the basement steps and looked up. When he looked up , there was a human sized , evil looking mouse. He said he was frozen in fear and the mouse stood there and stared at him for a minute and then he vanished. The person that told me this is not spiritual and does not like the bad memory mentioned , because it was a traumatic experience for him.

Posted on Reddit by kactbd2020.


Being a paranormal 16 year old is no easy life and being a tri-normal makes life all the more difficult, just ask Melanie, the daughter of the Great Showalters, who's rare abilities attract many friends and fans but also many enemies.

It is now time for Melanie to attend her first year at St Catherines School of Special Abilities, where all teenage Paranormals must go.

As she begins to settle in she finds her powers becoming stronger and an old enemy from 3 years ago returning to finish taking his revenge on the Showalter family.

Will Melanie be able to defeat her families enemy once and for all, find love along the way and learn to control her force field?


My dad often bragged that he always had to "Walk ten miles in the freezing snow every day, just to get to school."

The icy wind whipped by as I watched his frantically waving figure get smaller in my rear view mirror - he should have no problem then.

Posted on Reddit by Kali-Misubaso.

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