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Some people seem to have endless experiences with spirits from beyond the grave.

Maybe there truly are ghost magnets, tired of all the otherworldly attention they seem to receive, yet unable to convince people that they aren't just nuts.

Whether you believe in ghosts or couldn't be bothered to consider them more than a seasonal fascination, the books and stories below might pique your paranormal interest.

Go ahead and read away - unless, of course, you're too chicken...

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I caught the ghost lackin

So I have been hearing footsteps...

Yesterday night, I couldn't sleep, was layin on my side with one leg pulled up.

I started hearing the steps at around 2 to 3 at night.

I opened my eyes slightly so it blurry but I saw a dark figure sitting on the edge of my bed but the bed didn't move like noone was on it except for me and my girlfriend.

So as I said my leg was pulled up, and I came up with a plan, I was gonna launch the mightiest kick to the liver one could imagine and so did.

With all force, I launched the kick towards the entities back, and I actually hit something soft and fleshy.

This is the moment I got scared cause I didn't think the kick will actually land on something. I immediately woke up my girlfriend, but there was nothing in the room anymore.

This is the story of me catching the ghost lackin

Edit 1 : -What did it feel like?

- It was cold and fleshy, when I hit it it felt like it immediately dissapeared so I dont think I actually kicked it across the room cuz it dematerialized

Edit 2 : I dont have any pets lmao

Update: So a couple of days passed and all the acrivity seemed to stop since the incident

Conclusion: If you have trouble with ghosts, a good kick to the liver can solve your problems

Posted on Reddit by patstring.

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Meet Alex Cooper, the bookworm and so not popular teenage girl who wishes to have the boy she could never have. But her dream started to come true when she is the only one who can see the ghost of her crush after he had an accident and went into coma.

She cherished every moment with him but her world soon came crumbling when her crush woke up from his coma

This is just a normal love story, nothing more


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Valon: The Ghost of Cambria - Book Three

There is no doubt left in Kristen Cole's mind--her house is haunted.

Every night, she's been visited by a man who arrives in her dreams with startling clarity--a handsome stranger with a brooding brow and adoring steel-blue eyes. The man is a ghost, and now she knows his name: Valon. He has shared his mind with Kristen and the memories of the home's previous occupants. But Valon has also shown her his rage and the intolerance he feels for her corporeal suitors.

To her horror, Kristen rose from bed to find Ryan Hoffman's body lying dead on the bathroom floor, his face frozen in terror. Turning to a paranormal expert for advice, Kristen was given a proactive strategy--use a Ouija board to contact Valon. Kristen should attempt communication with the ghost when her mind is awake and able to make a rational decision. But when the woman tried, nothing came from Valon-not a word, not a whisper.

In defiance of the ghost's perceived silence, Kristen took another man to her bed--her carpenter and employee: Tony De Luca. Waking this morning, Kristen finds Tony safely asleep by her side. But rising from bed, she finds Penelope, her silver-white husky, lifeless on the floor. The dog's muzzle is stained with blood.

What started as an erotic dream, quickly became a seduction. What turned into a nightmare, has become a fight for Kristen Cole's life.

Valon' is a paranormal romance and the third novel in the 'Ghost of Cambria' series.

Valon: The Ghost of Cambria - Book Three on Wattpad

We asked the ouija board why the ghost in our room only tickles our feet.

It said: “You mean lick?”

Posted on Reddit by A_Chimenti_O_Face.

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