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Because a teenage girl shot an unarmed orphan in a forest, the entire story of Dragon Ball Z started..


Forest stories like the ones below could be tall tales or totally true. Take a look...

The Depths Of Fear

Top 35 in TNT contest When Elena decides to take her brother, Tommy, and childhood friends Colin and Russ on a trip to the Grand Canyon.

They stop in a small town infamous for it's missing posters.

Blackwater Ridge, a gloomy forest terrain.

And a black crystal lake to die for.

No one knows what goes on between the eerie trees and the soil of the Blackwater Ridge forest.

Some say when you get lost you find your worst nightmares in those woods.

The strangest part is the water.

A lake about three hours into the woods.

Only a few have ever seen the depth of the forest to get a good look at the black watered lake.

Some say it's a gate to hell." The gothic girl was leaning far over the counter with an evil grin on her face.

Elena couldn't tell if she was just doing this to scare them or if she was just a psycho.

Well, what do you say?" Colin's expression was curious and his tone of voice showed he was intrigued by what the gothic teen had to say.

Only the Devil may know." She smiled slyly.


The Depths Of Fear on Wattpad

The lumberjack found five cultists gathered in the forest, performing a ritual to summon an eldritch being.

"HEART," yelled the fifth cultist right before the lumberjack hacked off his ring-bearing hand with an axe, disrupting the ritual.

Posted on Reddit by smilelikeachow.

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As I stand in the dark forest, I see three figures walking towards me.

'Dinner' I think, as I turn on my chainsaw.

Posted on Reddit by jacob_rich6.


When psychology student Anna starts seeing strange things she gets caught in a whirlwind of danger and adventure.

With fellow student Eli by her side, will she solve the riddles in time?

Perception on Wattpad

As the tree fell, it narrowly missed crushing us five loggers and I joked the forest was trying to kill us.

Nervous laughter quickly silenced as the fallen tree raised back up and once again slammed down, and suddenly I was alone watching dozens of other trees do the same.

Posted on Reddit by Monechetti.

The forest is so calm, yet so active in the morning, birds are singing, flowers are blooming and the wind feels so nice.

It's such a shame that I only started appreciating it after I hanged myself.

Posted on Reddit by DxDxS.

The Beast of Gevaudan

Adorable werewolf pups fight for the best side of the den and hear the story of the beast that lurks in the woods.

They're not scared of a silly old legend! But what's that sound? Check out The Beast of Knockturn Alley to see these pups all grown up.

Originally written for Halloween Vault 2 challenge.

The Beast of Gevaudan on Wattpad

As I stared at the fleshy, groaning, singular mass of multiple sentient organisms, I started to wonder why I ever stumbled into this radioactive forest.

I thought about how I will get back home while I started tearing off pieces with my bare hands and scarfing them down.

Posted on Reddit by MasterNinja69.

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