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Dumpster fires are actually well contained, and should not be used to describe a chaotic situation..

But, did you know...

The best fire stories are super weird and difficult to forget. Read on for all of that and maybe a bit more...

Let it Burn

Charlie Coals is a normal girl, or so she believes, until she catches her boyfriend cheating on her.

She accidentally sets a keg of beer on fire with her mind as she storms out of the party.

Ever since that night her life will never be the same again.

An exchange student from France comes to the school a few days after the keg incident.

She attempts to befriend Charlie in hopes that she will show her around the new school and help her with her English since Charlie is the top of her English class, and one of the best tutors.

Little does Charlie know that Fleur, the exchange student, is actually sent to keep watch of Charlie and teach her to control her abilities.

All hell breaks loose when Charlie gets attacked one night.

All will be explained in the new series Let it Burn.

Release Date: September 6, 2016

Let it Burn on Wattpad

Sufficient Evidence to prove off-world UFOs and Aliens are on Earth

Here is a walkthrough of how to prove to yourself that UFOs and Aliens are on Earth:

First, 2004 Nimitz Tic-Tac incident needs to be fully researched. There is plenty of information widely available on this topic. The Nimitz incident is the evidence that Tic-Tac UFOs are real.

Second, understand the 1964 Twin UFO landings of Socorro, NM and La Madera, NM (another Tic-Tac UFO shape). Only 35 hours after the Socorro landing, the second landing in La Madera was covered up by the Air Force. The first landing in Socorro was definitely not a hoax, i.e. ZERO evidence supports the hoax theories.

Third, alien occupants were inside the 1964 New Mexico UFOs during the landing incidents.

The second UFO landing in La Madera was covered up and this FBI memo describes the same landing scene as the Socorro landing just 35 hours earlier. Unfortunately, we will not know the exact details of the La Madera landing, because of the Air Force coverup.

[La Madera, NM - Same landing pad marks and "footprints"](can see the official Air Force cover story for La Madera was a dump fire and a drunk witness:

[Air Force Blue Book Card and FBI memo of the cover-up](is a picture of the La Madera, NM landing site:

[La Madera, NM landing site - 35 hours after the Socorro-Zamora Landing](diagram of the Socorro-Zamora UFO landing site seems like a random placement for the landing pads, but when you notice the 90 degree intersection of the quadrangle shape, maybe it isn't so random...

[Socorro-Zamora Landing Site Diagram with "footprints"](you intersect the midpoint of the sides with a circle, then you see that the balanced weight of the craft that was being supported. The center of the circle lines up with the central burn mark that appear to be a straight-up and straight-down burn versus the other burns that had indications of horizonal movement:

[Socorro Landing Diagram - Engineered Landing Pads](above diagram was from the [Oct-Nov 1966 Flying Saucer Review](an article by W. T. Powers.

The burn marks on ground failed to show chemical propellant of a conventional aircraft or any other foreign material in the soil:

[Air Force Soil Samples and Burn Results](is the Socorro landing site and Lonnie Zamora's immediate report with regards to the two alien beings that occupied the UFO and left footprints on the ground:

[Socorro Landing Site and Zamora's witness account of the UFO occupants](were other other witnesses to the UFO landing and takeoff, which does not help the hoax theories, i.e. something just fooling Lonnie Zamora. Also, why would you perform the same hoax in the middle of a field in La Madera, NM only 35 hours later?

[Dubuque Iowa Witnesses and 3 callers into police dispatch](of the debunking theories tie themselves to the DECOY UFO symbol that was given to the public:

[Socorro-Zamora UFO Decoy Symbol](example, the moon lander type of theories do not match the landing site markings, and they attach themselves to "Hughes Aircraft" symbols using the DECOY UFO symbol. Again, why would the moon lander be in La Madera, NM only 30 hours later?

[Moon Lander Theories - Wrong Landing Pad Markings and UFO Symbol](Documents for your research:

[FBI field reports for Socorro-Zamora incident](Force Blue Book documents for Socorro-Zamora incident](https:www.theblackvault.comcasefilesdesks-project-blue-book-socorro-new-mexico-ufo-landing-24-april-1964)

Posted on Reddit by ItsTheBS.

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To my surprise, my TV show was interrupted by an emergency alert stating to seek shelter immediately and lock all doors and windows.

As I stood up to follow the instructions, my phone buzzed with an emergency alert stating that all citizens should evacuate their homes immediately.

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Running From Time

Chris Brown is a superstar suffering from depression who thinks that the end is near.

But that all changes when he is given a strange pill which causes him to develop superhuman abilities.

As he discovers this, he realises that he has a hooded stalker who could potentially be out to kill him.

Not only that - he has to balance all of this with a girl he meets at his local pharmacy and his inability to remember his childhood, which begins to complicate matters...


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And as I burned, it was not the heat of the fire that felt the worse

But rather the charred flesh melting off my bones as I ceased to feel anymore pain.

Posted on Reddit by Ikshu76.

As I stood against the wall of the Cult of Luck, the blindfolded marksman leveled his rifle at me and fired, missing my cheek by inches.

We will see all recruits here tomorrow to continue your luck training, said The Most Fortunate One while waving forward a cleanup crew for my peers that did not have the same luck on their side.

Posted on Reddit by DerFeuerEsser.

Mind Fires

When Tessa James agrees to take on her young nephews after they are removed from their mother, she thinks it will be a simple task.

But when the boys' behaviour becomes abnormal, the reasons become clear as to why their mother neglected them.

Tessa confides in boyfriend Kyle, however he tells her she's paranoid and that the boys are just messed up.

But when the situation drastically gets worse, the couple realise that maybe their 'mental' mother wasn't so mental after all...

Mind Fires" contains content that may upset some readers, due to demonic themes and injuries.

Mind Fires on Wattpad

One tree still stands in a sea of fire.

The only thing protecting it is my bloody body that is soon to burn away completely, leaving the tree to die.

Posted on Reddit by Miserable-Argument40.

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