Isolated by Jack Grace's "Us"



An experimental trek into the unknown, Jack Grace's "Us" hits like a tidal wave and swallows you up.

Aussie producer, Jack Grace, surrounds you with sound; isolates you, confines you to his corner. You won't want to get away.

Bouncy, haunting and choral, "Us" is every Bjork fan's next savory song to sink into.

"Can’t talk about..."

Alone at a desk, you wait; your head in your hands. Pages of musings, ramblings litter its surface. It's hard to stop thinking.


A lamp flickers at the edge of the room, signals S.O.S. at passersby through the window.

The lamp goes out. You're together, alone.

"talk about us..."

The breakbeat "Us" rides on provides an enchantingly wobbly foundation for Jack's grieving vocals. A nice diversion from more straightforward electronic tunes and their on-the-nose variety of 4x4 beats.

Grace holds his own in a haze of sound samples; emotive, elegant and pensive.

The underground rumbling that feeds the low frequencies of the track is especially salient. You'll love when it vanishes momentarily, only to return - grumbling amidst heavily weighted 808 stomps.

We might draw parallels between "Us" and Fever Ray's "If I Had a Heart," but Grace's track is far more intricate.

The two come in with raunchy, droning bass synths and a trance-inducing intro, then "Us" diverges - sputtering windy echoes at our sides, compounding the vocals with bass-stripped baby speak. "Us" is daring indeed.

It's hard not to get lost in this track. Best not to resist.

Jack Grace has crafted an enveloping experience of a song in "Us." Do yourself a favor and listen.

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