Is Historian's "Quiet" a Question or an Answer?

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Historian rings and echoes over endless space in the single "Quiet" from his newest album, "Hour Hand".

Chiming in rhyme like an old familiar bell, this tune breathes and yawns over angsty overtones. But, is it asking us something or telling us everything?

Troubled times... A clock keeps counting.

Desperate times... Happy times...

Endless time... A clock keeps counting.


"And there is more to it than just..."

Historian haunts, harmonious, and lingers on air in "Quiet". Contrasting with previous releases and albums, the entirety of "Hour Hand" imparts a darker, more morose feel. It's an excursion of the soul, dim-lit in dusk's waning glow and damp with doubts, unanswered.

A dense haze of muffled rhythm and buoyant strings envelop the ears in "Quiet". Screeching strings rip at reality then mesh to singularity. Words pierce the veil, pensive and razor-sharp, streaking bright white meaning over gray.


Listening poses us at the boundary of question and answer. A metaphor for existence, maybe? "Quiet" drones and hums with uncertainty, but hums all the same. Life won't let up for lack of understanding.

If you've heard Historian before, you'll know just what kind of experience to expect from this lush track. If not, there's truly only one way to find out. Go ahead. Press play.

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