IRL Glasses Make Screens Go Blank in "They Live" Style

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Disconnecting from the technology around us has become a nearly impossible task to take on. TV's and electronic distractions are everywhere, confounding and confusing at all times. IRL glasses are here to help with that.

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These sunglasses block much more than UV light. Thanks to special lens design and a very special source of inspiration, these shades are set to shut off screens all around you, allowing you to live 'in real life'.


"The design for IRL Glasses is unique and iconic, inspired by the 1988 cult classic film, 'THEY LIVE,' where a magical pair of glasses blocks ads. "

It might look a lot like magic, but there's no denying how well these things work at turning LCD and LED screens completely blank. All screens in your immediate vicinity get shut down at your discretion.

Although these IRL glasses don't quite work on ALL screens just yet, they're definitely impressive as is.

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