IRIDEA's "Centaurus" Will Deep-Fry Your Ears

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Dim-lit dusk dipped in esoteric allegory awaits in IRIDEA's epic new tune "Centaurus".

Prog metal sprawling melody, coldness and enveloping atmosphere in "Centaurus" make for mind-mystifying controlled chaos.

Endless sand forms sea of ash.

Every step sets souls aflame.

Immolate away your past.

Dead and gone and you're to blame.


A low-boiling death knell on guitar leads us into "Centaurus" like a will-o-the-wisp. The illusion and light of this song's intro beckons and fades into chug, churn and djent.

Scathing scorch and growl grate complex drum beats to shavings up to the 4:30 mark. Then, surfacing but a moment to an eerie realm of shimmering harmony and under-breathed vocals, we succumb to the pull of the song's skeletal undercurrent. Dive back to pitch...

Hard, heavy, fragmented rhythm reunites us with IRIDEA's prominent Tool and Meshuggah influences. There's a murkier, hazier facet to "Centaurus" though; contemplative and nebulous in form.

Progressive metal may not fit everyone's tastes, but those familiar with the format will find plenty here to appreciate. Give "Centaurus" a play and power up.

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