Inspired & the Sleep Find the "Right Place, Right Time"


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Smooth jazz melts over soft pop in Inspired & the Sleep's gorgeous "Right Place, Right Time".

Yes, this one's a jazzy delight to delight in all night.

"Now it's time to wake up..."

Walk on water. Kick ripples, round and wide.

Tread rocks. Stomp stones to pebbles and dust.

Swim in air. Split wind and gust and gale.

No matter where and when you roam, her memory remains.

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"It's not you, it's me..."

Tasteful touches and a bounty of soft-spoken beauty make "Right Place, Right Time" incredibly easy to enjoy. Smooth singing, singing sax and satin string strumming accentuated by echoing synths... This song is the dictionary definition of 'chill'.

The beat in "Right Place, Right Time" is especially enjoyable, bringing to mind the same stunning brand of offbeat elegance as Frankie Knuckles's remix of "Never, Never Gonna Give You Up". For indie pop, this is surprisingly superb dance material.

As for the song's words, the sentimental lyrics in "Right Place, Right Time" pine not over errant affections, but the chance to make good on love turned to hate.

This is a track you have to hear at least once. Listen and love.

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