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Star Wars is just Space Game of Thrones without the adult scenes..

As an aside...

Space strategy games are a dime a dozen, but the ones listed below are worth an up-close looksee...

Star Salvager

Star Salvager video game Developed by A-Game Studios and published by A-Game Studios

Developed by A-Game Studios and published by A-Game Studios

On the way to the intergalactic drone fighting championships, your ship gets tangled up in an uncharted asteroid belt filled with space garbage. The wreckage is mostly other unlucky vessels just like yours

FORTUNATELY, you are the captain of a championship drone fighting squad, so you might have a chance to escape this mess. You send your prized fightbot into the belt to salvage the materials you need to patch up your ship.

UNFORTUNATELY, the rocks are home to a horde of alien cyborgs and your drone is repeatedly devoured, destroyed, humiliated, and sent home with its charred tail between its smoking legs.

Will you finally make it to the center of the asteroid belt where the sweet sweet scrap lies? Will you repair your ship and turn this nightmare into a knee-slapping story over pints at the Mangledrome? Or will your sluggish reflexes, numbed by cryo-sleep, succumb to the alien horde?

Captain? Can you hear me, Captain?


A totally original core gameplay loop - kinda feels like breakdancing in space

Horribly cute enemies

Procedurally generated maps. Each run is WILDLY different. (Okay not that different)

A roguelike metagame to keep you grinding for infinitesimal morsels of progress until you cant remember what day it is.

A groovy synth soundtrack thats worth the price of the game right there

Mildly entertaining dialogue delivered by two dimensional characters who dont move their lips.

WARNING: This product has not been widely tested. Known side-effects include uncontrollable fist-pumping, tetris-y vibes, disco dancing, sudden bursts of unseemly profanity, and, in one worrysome case, laughing like a deranged gibbon. Our team is working hard to resolve these issues.

Star Salvager

Star Salvager video game Developed by A-Game Studios and published by A-Game Studios video screen

More about this game here.

More Like This

Exogate Initiative

Exogate Initiative video game by Xeno Bits

Made by Xeno Bits

Welcome aboard the Swiss Alps undergrounds! Inspired by base-building management games Dungeon Keeper, Evil Genius and Rimworldwith a touch of sci-fi show Stargate SG-1, the XenoBits team wants to dive you into a new futuristic experience: Exogate Initiative.

About the game

Exogate Initiative is a managementbase-building game that puts you in charge of mankind's first worlds exploration program.

In the near future, a new technology will allow us to travel instantly anywhere in the universe, via portals known as Exogates.

An international initiative is created to develop this technology and start the first exploration program.

You will lead mankind into the vast unknown, where we never before dreamt to tread.

Build the infrastructures

In the depth of a mountain plan, excavate and build your base using a variety of specialized rooms and equipment.

Assemble teams of international specialists

Recruit, train and manage specialists from all around the world, pick from 6 different classes to form exploration teams. Provide them with the tools and suits needed for their journey. Take care of their needs and ensure their well-being, as they are constantly facing the unknown.

Send them exploring exoplanets

Encounter new life forms, groundbreaking resources or create diplomatic relations with intelligent alien species. Bring back samples and specimens to study and make new scientific discoveries.

How to give feedback?

If you encounter any bug or other issues, you can press F10 when in-game. A window will pop up and you can write more details about your issue so the dev team can solve it.

Steam page-Twitter-TikTok- Facebook page- Presskit

Community Discord server

Exogate Initiative

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Rise of Stars

Rise of Stars video game Developed by LightCON Co., Ltd. and published by Wemade Max Co., Ltd.

Developed by LightCON Co., Ltd. and published by Wemade Max Co., Ltd.

Fight in the endless war for resource in the vast universe.Explore the galaxy to find resource-rich planets, defeat enemies stationed in, mine planets, expand your power and conquer the galaxy.Become the greatest conqueror of the universe right now. Game features Become a great admiral!Admirals represent you and other players. Give them various equipment and upgrade their skills to make them powerful and epic! Explore the mysterious Space with your own hands!Build a Base in an unexplored Space out of the Earth. Various facilities such as Command center, Radar center, Workshop, drones, and beautiful background of the vast Space are waiting for you. Build a powerful Warship!40 realistic warships under your command to conquer the battlefield. There are 4 types of warships: destroyer, freighter, corvette, and frigate. Each type can be upgraded up to tier 10. Build a powerful warship. Deploy your fleet with an unique Captains!A warship pilot, undercover spy, genius hacker, security robot, and other unique captains are waiting for your command. Experience various captains with unique background stories, full voice over, unique ability, and skills. Enter a Galactic War!Rule the server through guild war. Conquer a planet that will give a powerful buff and take over the congress. Grow with your guild members and join the real-time Galactic War.Launch your armada in the Rise of Stars! Official ChannelCheck out the various events and development details at the official channel.- Brand Page: Official Facebook: Official Discord: Official Twitter: https:twitter.comROSriseofstars

Rise of Stars

Rise of Stars video game Developed by LightCON Co., Ltd. and published by Wemade Max Co., Ltd. video screen

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Mirror Shoot

Mirror Shoot video game Developed by BluePrinting and published by BluePrinting

Developed by BluePrinting and published by BluePrinting

In Aranet, space is connected through mirrors. You are an agent in Aranet and you need to learn the physics in this planet and fight for resources.

FPS 5v5 pvp:

Including Flag Capture Mode, Conquest Mode, Team Death Match Mode.


Mirror is a unique system that connects space in a special way. You can travel through mirror to arrive at the connected space, you can also send anything(bullets, granades) through the mirror.

Skin System:

Skin system will be online soon to allow you to customize your character and weapon.

Mirror Shoot

Mirror Shoot video game Developed by BluePrinting and published by BluePrinting video screen

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Empyrean Frontier

Empyrean Frontier video game by GaldorStudios

Made by GaldorStudios

Empyrean Frontier is a singleplayer RTS featuring massive space fleets, base building, and resource collection along with a procedurally generated campaign where the player takes a persistent fleet of units through a randomly generated galaxy map. Empyrean Frontier is built on a custom game engine by a single developer, and aims to create an innovative strategy game that is still familiar to veterans of the genre.

Steam Link: the latest patch notes here: If you are launching the game through the itch.io app and get a message saying the game won't launch, click the "Show local files" button in the app, open the "EmpyreanFrontier" folder, and run EmpyreanFrontier or setup.exe to install the game. After this, you should be able to launch it through the app.

Official website: Features:Three Game ModesProcedural Campaign with roguelike elements (Command a persistent fleet from battle to battle as you journey across hostile territories.)Classic RTS Skirmish modeMulti-System Conquest Skirmish modeTwo Unique Playable FactionsIntuitive Control SchemeDraw custom formationsFull featured RTS InterfaceIntelligent AIAI Strategically reacts to player actionsTactical AI formationsNo Resource or vision cheatsCommand Massive FleetsBattle with hundreds of ships16 unit typesBase Building8 unique boss fightsSuperweaponsRecommended System Specs:Processor: 2.2Ghz i5i7RAM: 3GBGraphics: DX10 capable graphics card GTX 460m or betterRecommended specs are not necessarily minimum spec, the game should run well on most users' computers, try the free demo to see.

Empyrean Frontier

More about this game here.


Godsbane video game Developed by Project Hyperdrive and published by Project Hyperdrive

Developed by Project Hyperdrive and published by Project Hyperdrive

Godsbane is a tabletop themed 1v1 auto battler with explosive card game-like combinations. Grow a collection of units and powers to pull off wild strategies and dominate your opponent. Play both casually in unranked mode or get serious and use it as your lunchtime eSport in quick competitive matches.Infuse your troops with powers for devastating results, each with its own unique strengths and weaknesses. Make sure you combine them with units that can maximize their potential. Empower a tank with teleportation or give a damage dealer a fatal poison attack, the possibilities are endless!Winning matches against other players gives you gold which you can use to craft new units and powers. Enter battles using your favorite pieces and blow your opponent away with explosive combos!Play competitive matches to gain rating and climb the ranks to become Godlike.Each unit can be moved a limited number of spaces each round. Analyze your opponent's strengths and weaknesses and move your units into optimal locations on the board to give you the upper hand.1v1 auto battler gameplay with strategic maneuvering.Grow a collection of legendary units and powers with new content always on the horizon.Ranked and unranked gameplay using modern matchmaking.Challenge your friends to a casual match.Offline play with challenging AI.


Godsbane video game Developed by Project Hyperdrive and published by Project Hyperdrive video screen

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Cosmos Conquer

Cosmos Conquer video game Developed by Paweł Wiecha and published by Iguana Mercenary

Developed by Paweł Wiecha and published by Iguana Mercenary

CAUTION: The game is in early access stage. We're still working on new, promising mechanics and features for the game. Please, give us a chance to make the game better and watch our progress on it! In case of any questions, please contact us. Thanks!

A fresh breeze of air enters the overcrowded and polluted city of the Earth. The technologically advanced humanity starts looking for other planets to conquer. Now that the Earth is depleted of its resources, we're looking for them elsewhere. The Universe is open for us now - and it cannot hide any secrets. Looking up into the skies, humanity sees their promising future - growth and prosperity.

Welcome to Cosmos Conquer, a tycoon science fiction indie game.

Humanity has been growing for centuries and will continue to do so for milleniums to come. Our Earth will not be enough - stars are awaiting for conquer.In Cosmos Conquer, you are growing the humankind, help it advance, explore and expand to other parts of the universe. Lead humanity to greatness and reach the borders of the universe and control it all.


Unique Progression - many varying and unique levels throughout the game progression - you will find yourself in different environments, in need to adapt each time to the new, incredible size you have to comprehend and conquer!

Structures System - conquer various celestial bodies and construct required infrastructure to grow and develop the planet! With this system, you will be able to build many different buildings with various purposes.

Technologies and Projects - Technological advancement is important! With this system, you will be able to progress in the game further. It will be your best friend for growth! There are many unique technologies and projects to discover!

And More... - Let the game develop and suggest your feedback! The game is definitely interesting, but it can be even more.

Cosmos Conquer

Cosmos Conquer video game Developed by Paweł Wiecha and published by Iguana Mercenary video screen

More about this game here.


Predestination video game by Brain and Nerd Ltd.

Made by Brain and Nerd Ltd.

Predestination is now available on itch.io!

Predestination is a turn-based sci-fi 4X game set in the distant past of our own galaxy. Ships from countless races are flung back in time by a powerful hostile race known as the Revenants, and must now work to rebuild their empires and somehow stop the Revenants in the past. Explore the galaxy, colonise habitable worlds, meet alien races, and wage war.

Predestination blends the gameplay of classic titles like Master of Orion II with a narrative storyline and new game mechanics 4X fans have been waiting years to get their hands on: A 3D galaxy map, turn-based tactical fleet combat, advanced planetary exploration and colonisation gameplay, terraforming, a seamless 3D ship designer, and many other features.

Ongoing development plans

Predestination is now feature-complete, with all major features implemented thanks to incredible backer support and feedback, but development doesn't stop here! We'll continue adding free updates and new content throughout 2020 in addition to regular bugfixes and quality of life improvements. We'll release new challenge maps, further episodes singleplayer story campaign, bonus ships and artwork, and of course the customcontent designed by our Kickstarter backers.

Brain and Nerd is committed to supporting Predestination for as long as possible and we aim to begin working on DLC and expansions with all new gameplay later this year. We'll also be investigating adding multiplayer and modding tools in free updates after the backer content is complete. We have some very exciting plans for future content, such as space monsters and races with living bioships, and we also constantly turn to our community for ideas. Stay with us and keep an eye on our development updates for more news as we post it.

LEARN MORE: http:predestinationgame.com


More about this game here.

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