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If Pokemon is an RPG and Red Dead Redemption is also an RPG...

Will there ever be a crossover? Gunslinging Pokemon trainers need to happen.

As an aside...

Check out all of these awesome rpg games by indie game studios and indie game developers. There are some real gems in the mix!


幻想三国志 video game Developed by USERJOY Technology Co.,Ltd. and published by USERJOY Technology Co.,Ltd.

Developed by USERJOY Technology Co.,Ltd. and published by USERJOY Technology Co.,Ltd.

幻想三国志 video game Developed by USERJOY Technology Co.,Ltd. and published by USERJOY Technology Co.,Ltd. video screen

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sacrament iv.

sacrament iv. video game by melessthanthree

Made by melessthanthree

File: Operation GOMORRAH

Date: April ,

AM, City Center: the sky turns red before a massive explosion demolishes half of downtown.

Entire city blocks are decimated, and thousands of lives are wiped away without a trace.

All that remains is a single school building at the center of Ground Zero.

OBJECTIVE: Reach Ground Zero and investigate cause.

Return any evidence of terrorism or blasphemous activity.

For the Glory and the Power; Now and Forever.

cw: blood, brief graphic violence, flashing imagesa post-disaster occult-horror rpgtext adventure inspired by the likes of Shin Megami Tensei, Evangelion, and Pre-Tribulation Premillennialism.takes about minutes to play.words by by nicolo.a precursor toL U C A H,coming mid-

sacrament iv.

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Gacha Club Studio

Gacha Club Studio video game by Lunime

Made by Lunime

This is the Demo version of Gacha Club. The full version of Gacha Club is available for Android devices here.

Demo version only contains the customization and studio features. Gacha units, battle monsters, play mini games, and more in the full version of Gacha Club. Please note you can not transfer accounts between the Windows and Android version, and online importexport is unavailable.)

Welcome to Gacha Club

What club will you join? Get the party started and create your own anime styled characters and dress them up in your favorite fashion outfits! Choose from thousands of dresses, shirts, hairstyles, weapons, and much more! After designing your characters, enter the Studio and create any scene you can imagine! Add pets, objects, and choose your favorite background! Customization is free!


Customize main characters and extra characters!

Change the colors for almost all of your items!

Choose from different poses!

Adjust your haireyesitems to fit your characters!

Choose and customize hundreds of pets and objects!

Set custom profiles for all your characters!

Import and Export your friends characters!


Add up to characters anywhere on the screen!

Add your favorite pets and objects to the scene, too!

Choose from a wide variety of backgrounds and foregrounds!

Make your characters talk to each other with custom text boxes, pets too!

Add a Narrator to create story-telling scenes!

Save and Load up to scenes!

Use face presets to quickly change your face.

Thank you for playing Gacha Club!

Like us on Facebook: Group: our Website:

Gacha Club Studio

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Bound by Love

Bound by Love video game Developed by RetroLab and published by Kagura Games

Developed by RetroLab and published by Kagura Games

Yokoshima is an unsuccessful magazine editor who is in love with the raven-haired beauty of the same company, Hazuki Ichinose.

He's been trying to work up the courage to ask her on a date, but hasnt been able to go through with it.

However, it turns out that Hazuki is going to transfer overseas!

If he's ever going to have a chance, he needs to follow through before that happens!


A Romance RPG

Visual Novel Elements

Modern Setting

Gather Information on Hazuki's Likes and Dislikes

Bound by Love

Bound by Love video game Developed by RetroLab and published by Kagura Games video screen

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Crowscare video game by arcadekitten

Made by arcadekitten

This is a horror game and may not be suitable for all audiences. Content warnings below.

Ryo, we've discussed this before, haven't we?You don't have a mom. I made you from straw, magic, and a lock of my hair."

Crowscare is a short horror game, RPG game,and a love letter to the autumn season.The game follows a young boy named Ryo, excited for the upcoming Harvest Festival in his hometown. Wouldn't you know? This is going to be his first one! He was never able to go to one before, as it always started past his curfew...but soon he'll see why he was never allowed out at night.The game takes about - hours to complete. There are two bad endings, and one goodtrue ending.Content warnings:Blood GoreImplied Child AbuseExtreme Violence Towards Child CharactersImplied Potential Child DeathMAC USERS: This game may not work on all Macs.If it does work on your Mac--When opening the game, do NOT click on the "Game" application. Instead, follow these steps:Go into the folder "Crowscare".Go into the folder ""Go into the folder "Contents"Go into the folder "MacOS"Open the file labeled "nwjs"Opening the game this way will allow you to safely use the menu and cancel commands. Opening the game from the application labeled "Game" will make it so that you cannot exit out of a menu that's been opened.Check me out on patreon to keep supporting my work!:https:www.instagram.comarcadekitten?hlen


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