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MMORPG Game developers spend a lot of their time figuring out how to keep players entertained with non-playable characters..

At any rate...

All of the mmorpg games in this article are guaranteed to pique your interest. See for yourself...

Engine Evolution 2021

Engine Evolution 2021 video game Developed by Petr Šimůnek and published by Petr Šimůnek

Developed by Petr Šimůnek and published by Petr Šimůnek

This game was created during my studies at Charles University in Prague. I made most of the game alone. I hope you will enjoy it!

Engine Evolution is a multiplayer racing game that uses similar principles as World of Tanks - with each race, against 11 other players, you gain experience and credits, for which you can buy various upgrades for your bike, or unlock the next bike. You start with machines of 1906, can you get to the very top and ride on modern technology?

Physics is simplified enough to still give you passion from the ride but not too complex to take you hours to learn. It mainly focuses on giving players the best passion for racing fights possible. The core of the game are short dynamic races with a high density of action.

70 historic motorbikes from 7 nations

15 real and custom tracks

1000 of various vehicle setups

You can customize your motorbikes and rider as much as you want using a simple yet powerful customization system. You can paint several parts of your vehicles with any combination of colors to create a unique design.

The game is based on custom cloud-saving technology. As part of that, it contains many classic MMO features like cloud save, leaderboards, daily missions, achievements, and stats! Compare yourself to other racers!



Engine Evolution 2021

Engine Evolution 2021 video game Developed by Petr Šimůnek and published by Petr Šimůnek video screen

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More Like This video game by pg5-Studio

Made by pg5-Studio



Players are able to embark on numerous adventures and can fight a variety of different enemies and monsters. They are able to learn various professions like mining, herbalism or tailoring in order to craft epic pieces of equipment and consumables. They can trade with each other or unite in a group of up to five people to face the numerous threats of the dungeons wave dungeons together. offers a wide range of different types of items, so players can customize their character to their liking. There is no strict class system within the game; the items themselves dictate the play-style.

That and much more awaits the players within, while theyre on their epic quest to recover their lost family heirloom: the eponymous family beer stein

In addition is theoretically capable of running on any device that is able to run a modern internet browser. The game does not require any downloads, plugins or add-ons. Play anywhere, at anytime, on anything. is an entirely free-2-play MMORPG in an old-school inspired 2D pixel look. The game relies on an active combat system, similar to Nintendo classics like Zelda and Secret of Mana, meaning the players need to dodge and execute attacks actively. Aside from the already implemented features the game is continually expanded with regular content updates. The next patch will introduce a housing system, that will allow players to maintain their own farm, similar to games like Harvest Moon. Alongside of the introduction of corresponding professions, players will have even more possibilities to prepare for their dangerous adventures. Those possibilities include cooking buff food or brewing their own potions from the crop yields of their own farm. In addition of the gameplay expansions the developers behind are currently working on optimizing the UI and controls for the mobile experience of the game as well as developing dedicated apps for Android and iOS is in its entirety a free2play game. There are no pay-walls for any of the already existing or upcoming gameplay features. The game offers a fair pay2skip model for some of the gameplay elements. There is no option to obtain better equipment for real-life currency. The aim of the studio is to avoid splitting the player base and to avoid creating a pay2win environment.

How to Play:

Register on the page and start playing right away. Move your character around with typical "WASD" or Arrow Key movement. Interact with objects or NPCs by pressing "E". Change the orientation of your character and aim ranged attacks with your mouse. If you don't like any of the default configurations, just change them in the options window.


Persistent fantasy world

Current max Level: 30

Hundreds of quests with many different objectives

Hundreds of Items

Millions of Equipment variations

Group function



Wave Dungeons

Ranking System

Bossfight system

Professions system (gathering and crafting)



Upcoming Features:

Guild system

Mounts Pets

PvP system (battlegrounds and open world pvp)

Housing with farming


Factions with reputation

Planed max Level: 100

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Endless Battlefield

Endless Battlefield video game Developed by EB Team

Developed by EB Team

Discover and experience FPS battles in an endless battlefield world!

FPS includes 6 modes: Conquer, Capture the Flag, Sprint, Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch and Confirmed Kill.

The following is the content of subsequent development in the future, and will be marked:

The planet metaworld mode is rich in content to meet the needs of different players. The game supports intensive FPSTPS, allowing competitive players to enjoy the experience of galloping on the battlefield and conquering military points. Metaverse also creates a stress-free and immersive environment for casual players, allowing them to harvest, mine, wood, fish, hunt, and craft items. In order to create a rich and interesting meta-world, EB has also introduced a unique alliance system, construction system, home system and trading system.

The official version will cover the complete FPSTPS combat content. Planets metaverse content will be accessible through the DLC version.

Endless Battlefield

Endless Battlefield video game Developed by EB Team video screen

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原始传奇 video game Developed by 原始传奇 and published by 原始传奇

Developed by 原始传奇 and published by 原始传奇

原始传奇 video game Developed by 原始传奇 and published by 原始传奇 video screen

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Wizbirds Online

Wizbirds Online video game by Firith Studio

Made by Firith Studio

Join the adventure...

Become an avianwizard! Choose your magical powers, fight fantasticalmobs, collect equipment, and level up. Wizbirds Online is a free side-scrolling MMORPG where you fight with magic only.

Make allies, become foes, or focus on beating the baddies. Duke it out at the arena or in the filthy PvP zone of Bubbling Bog. Go the PvE route and collect XP, coins, and rare drops.In Wizbirds, you cansnipe with water, shoot balls of fire, and electrify your opponent.

Looking to do something more relaxing? Grab a fishing pole and find a spot to catch those sea bois. Once you have plenty of fish, find the nearest shop and sell 'em to make !


Player vs Environment (PvE)

Player vs Player (PvP)

Fishing Skill

Shops Drops

Hats, Armor, and Buffs

Character customization

Buy, Sell, or Trade

Achievement-based Titles

Agility Parkour Course

Magic spell customization


Arrow Keys

LeftRight Mouse

Space Bar (to run)

A (to sit)

Z, X, C (attack)

Tilde key


M, E, T, J, O (shortcuts)


Our Discord Server

Unofficial Wizbirds MobGuide

Bug Report Form

Wizbirds Online

More about this game here.

The Open League

The Open League video game Developed by Squiggly Games and published by Squiggly Games

Developed by Squiggly Games and published by Squiggly Games

The Open League (TOL) is a text-based footballsoccer manager game with significant integration with the Discord platform. Key features include:

Nightly matches, 3-week season

Full 90-minute matches are simulated nightly with play-by-play text updates streamed in our Discord server.

Each universe features 30 teams organized in three leagues. Top three teams are promoted to a higher league. Bottom three get relegated. A season lasts three weeks.

Youth camp

During the off-season, teams attend Youth Camp with the hope to find the nexg legendary player. Camp lasts a weekend. During that time, managers use scouting reports to decide which players to bid on. Most team dynasties in TOL were built on succesful youth camp campaigns.

Friendly matches

Managers also have the ability to organize friendly matches against other managers. They often use the off-season to organize tournaments against other teams.

Persistent teams and players

At the end of the season, managers keep their teams. Players develop and decay season after season. Transfer timing is everything.

Simple team management

Weve simplified club management so you dont need to play 100s of hours to get familiar with our platform. Managers can choose between six formations, three effort levels and three different mindsets. Simple does not mean easy, beware

Negotiate transfers against humans

Transfers are negotiated against human managers over Discord before deals are formalized using the TOL application. Astute dealmakers thrive in TOL.


Our web app allows you to access your club portal from any browser (including from your phone), in case you have to make some changes from a different computer


TOL uses a few friendly bots in Discord to help you manage your team. For example, you can DM your assistant Chris to ask him to send out a press release to all other clubs about your latest victorious match!

Multi-timezone support

The Open League supports two timezones (US PST and GMT) at the moment. This means matches are played at 7:00pm PST if you are in our US server or 7:00pm GMT if you are in our European server.

The Open League

The Open League video game Developed by Squiggly Games and published by Squiggly Games video screen

More about this game here.

The Maze: Humanity

The Maze: Humanity video game Developed by InitiativeVR and published by InitiativeVR

Developed by InitiativeVR and published by InitiativeVR

The Maze is a VR Multiplayer game in which human players arrive in a new realm after being teleported from their homelands. The size and purpose of the maze is unknown, the only thing that is certain is that they have to survive in this extremely hard environment.

The Maze changes according to our memories, imagination, dreams, and transforming it into an even more chaotic realm as more people arrive. Environments change according to the memories of the living beings within it. This means that areas in The Maze change and shift randomly enabling a dynamic gaming experience.

Upon arrival, players can choose any combination of two classes to fit their own play style. An example is merging both the Summoner and Warrior classes so that the player can act as a frontline fighter while at the same time summoning creatures to deal damage. Gunslinger and Druid are other e the player can deal damage from afar, root enemies into place and heal other teammates.

The Maze has dozens of different species to fight against. A few examples being Orcs, Trolls, Demons, Goblins, Elves, Undead, and Lizards. When Humans first arrived, the other species viewed them as nothing more than food or potential slaves. Humans arent as strong as Orcs, they dont have the fast health regeneration of Trolls, nor do they have the high dexterity of Elves. Understaminating us will be their mortal mistake. They don't know what a mother and a father will go through to protect their loved ones, they don't know what a Human will endure to win their revenge, they don't know that there will be people that will sacrifice their lives for the freedom of others, they dont know how people can do almost the impossible through faith, they don't know the creativity that Humans have, how we can create something beautiful as art, music, sculptures from just our imagination... However we can also create atomic bombs and weapons of war. And they will know that there are Humans such as Napoleon, Sun Tzu, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar see war as an art itself.

The Maze: Humanity

The Maze: Humanity video game Developed by InitiativeVR and published by InitiativeVR video screen

More about this game here.


hackmud video game by Drizzly Bear

Made by Drizzly Bear


h a c k m u d is a incredible tangle of features, caveats, bugs and ruins --and I am but one solo developer. This makes this game unbelievably complex to maintain. HOWEVER-- As long as there are servers running the game, there will be balance patches and fixes.

Read AS MUCH AS YOU CAN about the game and player's experiences before making your purchase decision.

Excited to have you in game making messes with us. :D

Happy Hacking!


h a c k m u d is a cyberpunk themed text-based hacking simulator for intel-compatible personal home computers. Get lost in a deep and complex world full of challenging puzzles as you engage in a rich narrative riddled with intrigue and deception.

Learn who you can trust as you make friends and enemies exploring the depths of abandoned future internet cyber-structure

Prove your worth to cyber-society by navigating the trials laid out for you by the Multi-User Domain's governing super-intelligence, 'The Trust'

Patch into the hardline' to access other users' protected systems and steal their digital goods

Demonstrate hunger for power, flexibility of thought, and keen strategy to convince The Trust of your value and escape the virtual L.A.N.

Let the text-based interface transport you back to the early internet-era when computing was full of discovery

Create and destroy digital empires while exploring the constantly evolving user-created multiplayer world

Use real-world hacking skills (social engineering, cracking, research, scripting...) for power and influence in the M.U.D. at large


A deep, nuanced and engaging storyline full of discovery that will keep you guessing

Encourages deep exploration and testing the limits of the system through rich side-content

An intuitive retro-futuristic text-based computing interface that escalates to advanced with glitches, hidden commands, and arcane syntax

90s film style 'hacking mode,' for when you need to get some 'serious' hacking done

An original electronic soundtrack which will chill you out while exploring or amp you up when the pressure's on

Persistent and constantly-evolving game universe powered by an almost endless stream of user created tools, puzzles, traps and much more

A fluid and organic class system determined by the currently loaded upgrades on your system

A fully scriptable in-game world with a global player-based economy of code and in-game botting

Regular balance patches to keep the game fun and engaging for players of all styles and at all levels of experience

NOTICE: This game is online-only and requires a steam account to play. authentication is planned for the future)


More about this game here.

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