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Almost everybody with a lick of talent has tried their hand at making Christmas music.

A Very She & Him Christmas by the folk/indie rock band She & Him, consisting of actress Zooey Deschanel and musician M. Ward basically proves my point - everyone gets in on it if they can.

Christmas is a money making extravaganza at this point, so noone can really blame Zooey for jumping on board, though.


Take a load off and enjoy a few of the epic indie Christmas games brought together below. They're bound to be fun!

Hot Pot For One

Developed by Rachel Li Hot Pot For One

Developed by Rachel Li


Hot Pot For One is a short first-person experience about the bittersweet feeling of making hot pot at home for yourself on Christmas Eve. It is about the bitterness of lonely times, and the sweet comfort of food that keeps us going. We wish to evoke those emotions through simple and smooth interactions such as putting ingredients into the pot, watching them cook, seeing them being eaten, and eventually dumping the rest away.

Our Story

The concept of the game came from our personal experiences as international students. One of the most challenging things about living in a foreign country is that you are far away from your family and friends. And that can be very lonely. Luckily, one thing that can put our minds at ease in those times of difficulty has been to make and eat food from home. The familiar taste of hometown summons happy memories, and warms our hearts. It helps us retain our power to fight on.

Those experiences inspired us to take this opportunity to express the loneliness of being away from home, as well as the satisfaction of consuming our favorite food, in the form of a game.

What To Expect

Estimated playtime: 15~30min

a carefully-crafted, bittersweet story

Realistic looking food and high fidelity kitchen environment

more than 30 pieces of hand-drawn illustrations to be collected for multiple playthroughs

10+ kind of food models, with cooking and eating animations

physics based first person mouse look with no movement

high quality sound effects and music

Hot Pot For One

Hot Pot For One

More about this game here.

More Like This


Developed by Ramhead Games and published by Ramhead Games Peril

Developed by Ramhead Games and published by Ramhead Games

An online multiplayer co-op escape room experience. You and your friends are kidnapped and locked in a dungeon by a nefarious clown. Use your wits and skills to escape your peril. Oh, and try not to release all the zombies into the world while you do so. Need to unlock a door? Find a key! Zombie horde attacking you? Find a gun! Locked in a pitch black dungeon? Find a light! Be wary, too much Peril and you will fail.

Free Demo release includes tutorial escape room to learn the game mechanics and a ~60 minute Halloween escape room experience. Releases October 5th, 2021.

Early access release of the game includes the 7 full escape rooms from robbing a bank to saving Christmas. New escape rooms will be released monthly as the Peril development team works our way to full release. Upon full release an escape room building system will be provided for you to build your own escape room for the world to play.

Put your detective hats on and get ready for a challenge! Join the community and lets have some fun!

Early Access Features:

Single Player

First Person

Tutorial Escape Room

Halloween Dungeon Escape Room

Survive Zombie Horde Escape Room

Rob Bank Escape Room

Dungeon Demon Escape Room

Saving Christmas Escape Room

Sci-Fi Battel Escape Room

New Escape Rooms Released Monthly during Early Access

Windows Support

Keyboard Input

English Only

Full Release Features :

Escape Room Building System (Build your own challenges for others to download and play)

OSX and Linux Support

Multi-language support (localization)


Games Peril

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Solitaire Jack Frost Winter Adventures 2

Developed by Somer Games and published by 8floor Solitaire Jack Frost Winter Adventures 2

Developed by Somer Games and published by 8floor

The Christmas holidays are coming! And that means that jolly Jack Frost and his helper want to give everyone a fairytale season by awakening the spirit of Christmas! Jack has decided to spread frost all over and create 120 unique card layouts! Only true experts of patience will be able to unfreeze all the cards and share Jack’s joy.

Enjoy classical solitaire improved with a new game mechanic - collect pairs of cards! A special multiplier increases your reward if you find card pairs quickly. Buy bonuses with your reward: mulligan, shuffle and joker. Choose your own difficulty level or complete the game twice - pro mode is a challenge to any true solitaire fan! The happy adventure is beginning with Solitaire Jack Frost!

A solitaire card game with winter layouts!

Entrancing gameplay!

Numerous bonuses and over 20 colorful trophies!

Play for a few minutes or several hours in a row!

Collect bonus cards to get more coins and bonuses!

12 locations, 120 levels to help you immerse yourself in an atmosphere of holiday cheer!

Original themed decks and 9 card backs!

Experience premium-quality graphics and an enchanting soundtrack!

Make any purchase – turn off ads!

Solitaire Jack Frost Winter Adventures 2

Solitaire Jack Frost Winter Adventures 2

More about this game here.

Mission in Snowdriftland - Snowlogue

Developed by tons of bits and published by tons of bits Mission in Snowdriftland - Snowlogue

Developed by tons of bits and published by tons of bits

Mission in Snowdriftland - Snowlogue is the free to play version of Mission in Snowdriftland. Play the first 3 levels for free.


Chaos at the headquarters of the video game organization, UPIXO: the villain, El Pix, has stolen some important and historically valuable artifacts of video game history from the archive.Help Chubby retrieve all the artifacts from El Pix's icy realm of Snowdriftland!


Mission in Snowdriftland is unique in its concept:Play it like a traditional Advent calendar, and select a level every day and let Chubby guide you through the cold winter days. Or play it like a classic platformer - any time you want.


Mission in Snowdriftland offers the right gaming experience for all players: younger and less experienced gamers can get off to a quick and easy start and jump right in to start searching for the artifacts, while core gamers will face a cool challenge as they collect all 24 snowflakes per level.


Prepare to confront some wacky opponents like brightly colored penguins and polar bear joggers listening to music!


3 levels

Pixel art

Retro music

Full controller support

Speedrun timer


Chubby is on another mission...will you join him?

Mission in Snowdriftland - Snowlogue

Mission in Snowdriftland - Snowlogue

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The Mermaid of Zennor

Developed by ebi-hime and published by ebi-hime The Mermaid of Zennor

Developed by ebi-hime and published by ebi-hime

Lilac is miserable.

Ignored by her callous parents and bullied by her peers at school, the young girl finds herself quite alone. Nobody wants to talk to her save Aislinn, her bubbly classmate, and Mrs Khoury, the school's councillor - but, even then, Lilac suspects they only do so out of pity.

The only person Lilac feels able to trust is her older brother, Jesse, but she has not seen him in what seems an eternity. He moved away from their small Cornish village two months prior to attend a university in the bustling capital of the country, London.

Lilac misses Jesse so intensely she can think of nothing else. As the days pass, she becomes more and more fixated upon him, until her obsession threatens to consume her.

When she learns that her brother will be coming back home for Christmas, at long last, she can't contain her excitement...

But her brother, as she soon discovers, is not alone. A strange woman has ensnared his heart in his absence, and Lilac finds her already fragile mental state unravelling faster still. She knows she must free her beloved brother from the grip of this wicked enchantress, no matter the cost, if she is ever to be happy again - but just how far is she willing to go...?

45,000 words in length (approx 2 hours of reading)Two different endingsDetailed character and background artworkA fully custom, ambient OST with over 20 tracksA hefty dosage of angst

The Mermaid of Zennor

The Mermaid of Zennor

More about this game here.

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