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It's ironic how there are competitive player-bases and e-Sports for casual games.

On another note...

Take on a new challenge in any of these amazing new casual games fresh off of steam and itch...

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Scooby Horror: Arcade

Scooby Horror: Arcade video game by Dave Microwaves Games

Made by Dave Microwaves Games

The final installment to the Scooby Horror series is here! Boasting a ton of content to explore and everything you could've ever wanted from one of these games, I'll tell you what.>>Honestly, this game took way longer to finish than I initially thought. I was planning on getting this out during the month ofScoobtober, but went the extra mile and added double the maps and enemies, since itfelt pretty lackluster and unfinished. Glad to finally have this project done, it was something I had in the backburner for a few years, but I'm pretty proud with how it turned out. Anyway, have fun andI hope you enjoy this silly fangame!>>Features:>>Explore various locations and unmask all sorts of kooky villainsbased off of 10 classic Scooby Doo episodes.>>Buy upgrades with the Scooby Snacks you collect throughout your journey.>>Unlock perks and gadgets to give yourself an edge when you're out solving mysteries.>>Build traps and do whatever you must to capture and unmask the creep that stalks you.>>Tons of unlockables and achievements to get for the completionist in you!>>This is a non-profit fangameparody game. It was merely made for fun and to originally celebrate Scoobtober, a month dedicated to Scooby Doo and our love for the show and it's characters.

Scooby Horror: Arcade

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