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The word "action" brings numerous things to mind - mostly exploding things.

With that in mind...

Action games are a dime a dozen, but the ones listed below are worth an up-close looksee...

Angry Dad

Developed by Double Tap Games and published by Double Tap Games Angry Dad

Developed by Double Tap Games and published by Double Tap Games

Get ready to see the world through the eyes of an ordinary Dad! The challenges of fatherhood will haunt him on his way to watching a football match. Help him keep his titles of the best Dad in the world and the most loyal football fan by juggling all of his tasks without stressing out.


High quality stylized graphics!

Simple but hardcore gameplay!

A lot of fun and interesting tasks:

Lending a helping hand to his wife and proving his strength.

Helping his son on the way to becoming a math prodigy.

Dealing with the cultists hated by the whole neighborhood.

Washing those never-ending dishes.

Fixing the always leaky pipes.

Answering the phone to shout at scammers.

Lovingly rocking to sleep his little daughter

Free Arcade Simulator Game

Angry Dad

Developed by Double Tap Games and published by Double Tap Games Angry Dad video screen

More about this game here.

More Like This

Tokimal (ZX Spectrum 128k)

Pat Morita Team Tokimal (ZX Spectrum 128k)

Made by Pat Morita Team

TOKIMAL (ZX Spectrum 128k)

Almost 2 years of development later, here is our homage to Toki for our beloved ZX Spectrum computers. We hope you like and enjoy the game.  155 screens and 5 areas are waiting for you!


Being the cousin of a famous ape is not easy. You are always compared to him whatever you do. Now, your girlfriend wants to test you and has decided to kidnap herself and go with the most thug monkey in Jujuland: Monolete.

You will not tolerate this and you will fight against every creature that dares to cross your path. You will recover your beautiful apefriend to show how cool you are and she never will call you Tokimal again.


1. Labyrinth of Rocks

2. Lake Poseidon

3. Caves of Fire

4. Ice Ice Baby

5. Golden Ruins

Game modes

There are 2 different game modes: Arcade and Extended.

Arcade mode:  This is the classic mode, 5 linear stages with their final bosses.

Extended mode: This mode expands the arcade mode with 5 hidden stages, use of money and exploration.


Graphics: Jarlaxe

Code, Music & SFX: Antonio Pérez

Testing: Perretes Group (EdVerde, Antxiko, Volatil) & Carlos Perezgrin

Thanks to Igor Errazking for helping at the beginning of development.

Voice sample: Jesús VF

Cover illustration: Enrique V. Ramírez

Russian instructions translation: Alexander Karich

Used tools:

MK2 engine by Mojon Twins

WYZ Tracker & Player

WyzFx2Asm & GWSLoader by Sergio thEpOpE



MultiPaint x64

Special thanks to Nathan (Mojon Twins), this game would have been NEVER done without his help.

Tokimal (ZX Spectrum 128k)

More about this game here.

The Maze: Humanity

Developed by InitiativeVR and published by InitiativeVR The Maze: Humanity

Developed by InitiativeVR and published by InitiativeVR

The Maze is a VR Multiplayer game in which human players arrive in a new realm after being teleported from their homelands. The size and purpose of the maze is unknown, the only thing that is certain is that they have to survive in this extremely hard environment.

The Maze changes according to our memories, imagination, dreams, and transforming it into an even more chaotic realm as more people arrive. Environments change according to the memories of the living beings within it. This means that areas in The Maze change and shift randomly enabling a dynamic gaming experience.

Upon arrival, players can choose any combination of two classes to fit their own play style. An example is merging both the Summoner and Warrior classes so that the player can act as a frontline fighter while at the same time summoning creatures to deal damage. Gunslinger and Druid are other examples; the player can deal damage from afar, root enemies into place and heal other teammates.

The Maze has dozens of different species to fight against. A few examples being Orcs, Trolls, Demons, Goblins, Elves, Undead, and Lizards. When Humans first arrived, the other species viewed them as nothing more than food or potential slaves. Humans aren’t as strong as Orcs, they don’t have the fast health regeneration of Trolls, nor do they have the high dexterity of Elves. Understaminating us will be their mortal mistake. They don't know what a mother and a father will go through to protect their loved ones, they don't know what a Human will endure to win their revenge, they don't know that there will be people that will sacrifice their lives for the freedom of others, they don’t know how people can do almost the impossible through faith, they don't know the creativity that Humans have, how we can create something beautiful as art, music, sculptures from just our imagination... However we can also create atomic bombs and weapons of war. And they will know that there are Humans such as Napoleon, Sun Tzu, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar see war as an art itself.

The Maze: Humanity

Developed by InitiativeVR and published by InitiativeVR The Maze: Humanity video screen

More about this game here.


Developed by 룰루랄라 and published by 룰루랄라 Ball

Developed by 룰루랄라 and published by 룰루랄라

This game is set in the middle of the sky with laser, buttons, and laver. Roll the ball to the end as fast as you can. You can choose your ball's material or color, and unlock the particles by playing this game. There are few Easter eggs that you can find out in the game. This game looks pretty easy, but it's actually challenging to beat this game. If you like to beat an impossible game, try no checkpoint mode in this game. Even the maker of this game couldn't beat this mode.


Developed by 룰루랄라 and published by 룰루랄라 Ball video screen

More about this game here.


MenacingMecha Beetlebum

Made by MenacingMecha

Beetlebum is an insect-themed, classic survival horror demo with pre-rendered backgrounds. It takes around 10-20 minutes to complete on a first time play-through, and supports both keyboard and gamepad input.

On a long night drive through the countryside, you fell asleep at the wheel.You awake to find yourself in an unfamiliar location, as well as in an unfamiliar body.You must escape.Callum Mackay - Code, Art & Level DesignJames Rodgers - Music & Sound DesignKeyboard controls can be found in-game.


More about this game here.


tarkovsky FUMES

Made by tarkovsky


Arm your vehicle with deadly weapons and roam the wastelands in this fast-paced car combat game! Chase your enemies with furious dedication and earn their parts through a trial of destruction! It's kill or be killed in these parts, are you ready to face your demons, scrapper?


FUMES is currently in an early pre-alpha stage. Everything you experience in the game might change. Join our Discord server to influence the shape of the game, get access to development updates and more!

JOIN: https://discord.gg/UFzhkNsQmY

Let us know what you think about FUMES!


Compete against waves of enemies in a fast-paced vehicular combat gameplay.

Approach variety of enemies with care or chase them to death - you decide which way is the best one.

Try all of 9 available cars to check which one matches your play style.

Customize and outfit your vehicle in a simple editor.

Scrap opponents with 8 types of weapons - shotguns, machine guns and rocket launchers.

Unlock more powerful variants of weapons and suspensions by winning fights.

Get lost in three types of endless and foggy environments.

Conquer various bosses. Make them pay with scrap.

Enjoy retro-stylized visuals.


Driving: WSAD

Handbrake: Spacebar

Aiming: Mouse

Weapons usage: Mouse Button 1/2

Enter photo mode: P

Quit game: Alt + F4 :-)

Gamepad controllers are partially supported.






More about this game here.

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