Indian Summer Make Us "Right at Home"


Odd Nugget Social-done

A bouncy track bleeding electric energy... Indian Summer brings his namesake season with him in "Right at Home."

Pure party... This one's fire as festival fare.

"It's the only way..."

Bounce. Inner-tube tires turn over sand. It's Summer again.

Bounce. Up on waves, high on the crest. You fall in.


Bounce. Beach ball and a bucket... Laid out in the sun. You're cool as the world behind blue-tone lenses.

It's Summer again.

"...When I touch your body."

There's a lot of snap to the mix in "Right at Home." It pops and clicks in rhythm - adhering to house rules with little deviation.

Soothing vocals contrast nicely with a heavy digital deluge of sound and a thoughtful spread across the spectrum gives it all depth. It'll make you move.

Have it, hear it and replay, today.

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