Cool and dark – Galanos go noir like no other in their newest album, “Deceiver Receiver.”

Each passage plays perfectly into the next in “Mariana Trench” – leading us across an oceanic expanse of sound.

We’re in for a cool cruise.

“Way down in the trench…”

Did we mention how cool this song is? We’ll cap our use of the “C-word” at infinity for this article.


A brief and bombastic drum break after the first chorus cracks through thick, droopy atmosphere.

We’re a few fathoms deep.

“7 fathoms plus…”

Two singers evoke Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age – taking turns at whispering to us; soft, soothing, colluding…

They mouth “mariana” between verses voiced in hushed tones.

Rumbling bass grinds at our ears menacingly – chasing a laid-back strumming rhythm on guitar.

We plunge to the center of the Earth.

And yes, it’s cool.

Take a second to sample this lush listening experience for yourself.

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