iMicro is a Fingernail-Sized Microscope for Your Phone

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This microscope performs at a professional level, yet at a tiny size. And its price tag is tinier still!

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As the team behind this teeny device have put it, this is quite a breakthrough in the field of portable microscopy.

High magnification capacity and low distortion not only make this thing functional as a microscope, but a powerful potential replacement for traditional equipment too.


"Tiny, light, easy to use, optical performance comparable to professional desktop microscope, while affordable to every budget."

iMicro's magnification power reaches up to 800x and its distortion level lies low-enough to replace a desktop microscope. As for resolution, it can output down to 1 micro. Cool.


It's totally plug-and-play with a standard smartphone and weighs in at 1.5 grams. At a mere 1% of the price of a typical portable microscope with comparable capacities, this baby blows the competition out of the water.


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