ilu Intoxicate Your Brain in "Jaanus"

Odd Nugget Social-done

Shoehorning shoegaze goodness into a sharp, chiming track, Krautrockers ilu elucidate on the appeal of their sound with new tune "Jaanus".

Mellow mood music meant for more than a mere listen or two, ilu's "Jaanus" takes us somewhere beyond ourselves.

Astral is your travel.

No hostel, hapless visitor.

Inquisitive, you unravel...

Thoughts so lost you thought you'd hidden them.


"Jaanus" is contemplation and meditation in music and form. Imagine a moving horizon held out of reach as highway signs slip behind your line of sight. Drift off. Lift off...

Vocals fresh and rhythm relentless, this track treats us to the chillest of vibes. It's exultant and melancholic; busy and meandering. A paradox of pretty sounds set high in the spectrum.

Odd Nugge-done

Digital arpeggios circumnavigate the cerebrum like lost stars, choral repetitions breathe haze and wonder as angels up above and drums halt every couple steps like wounded soldiers. It's fascinating stuff.

You can easily fall in love with this track for its intoxicating airiness and beauty alone. Take some time alone to turn it on.

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