Ilha dos Tigres - a Peninsula Village Turned Island Ghost Town in Angola

Odd Angola Ilha dos Tigres Ghost Town

Angola's own "Island of Tigers" wasn't always an island. That status came swiftly, suddenly and quite surprisingly.

Tigres began as a peninsula inhabited by the happy people of "São Martinho dos Tigres" who subsisted as fishermen and minor merchants.

Ay, many flowering islands lie

In the waters of wide Agony.

- Percy Bysshe Shelley

All was well on Tigres until the ocean's waves changed the people's way of life forever. With unprecedented force, the ocean bore through the peninsula's connective isthmus, severing its connection to the mainland.

In a flash and overnight, daily life on Tigres was made impossible. The water line from the mainland had been broken. So too were the hearts of the town's inhabitants as they fled with their belongings from their peninsula home turned uninhabitable desert island.

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ilha dos tigres

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