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Dragons do not breath fire they exhale it..

Moving on...

Fire stories with more weirdness than you might have wanted wait for your eyeballs below...

Ice Queen

Princess Elizabeth or better known as Eira is the heir to the Ice Kingdom.

The time that the Princess accepts the Ice Crown is just around the corner, and the Ice King is determined.

Wanting to find a husband ASAP the Ice King declares a competition.

A gamble for his daughter's hand in marriage.

Princes of every Elemental Kingdom are invited and challenged to win.

The harvest pick is rich.

From a surly Fire Prince to a surfer-vibed Water Prince.

All Eira has to do is choose the desired one.

Despite the fact she has to make a rushed decision, unknown wants her dead.

The Ice Princess needs all the help she can get, even if it means she has to compromise with the careless Prince of Darkness, Skylar.

Amongst other problems she needs to prove herself, show her father, that she is in fact powerful enough to crush down any enemy in their way.

Because what if the future Queen doesn't want to be won? What if her thoughts are settled onto leading a monarchy alone? 4 IN ICE 052420 235 IN PARANORMAL! 2118 82 IN ADVENTURE 050118

Ice Queen on Wattpad

After losing everything in the fire, the grieving mother just wanted to see her baby one last time.

But to her horror, the child she saw in the casket was not her own.

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More Like This

As I watched the fires spread from the forest to the housing estates and heard the screams of the families.

gt;! I wished Id never gone camping and tried to start a campfire by myself. !lt;

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Smoking Power

The thing raises it's head and says in the same screechy voice, "you're playing with fire you know." I smirk back at it, "well I love to play with fire." I say as my hand erupts into a boiling ball of flames.

It's on buddy.

Mckayla Holbrook is eighteen.

Born with the ability to control fire, she has had to live most of her life at the homestead, with other people like her.

Then one day the homestead and every thing she's ever known is under threat and she's the only one who can stop it.

How much will she do to stop the unknown threat, save her friends and prevent the deaths of all those she loves?

Smoking Power on Wattpad

The fire seems to be going out, as I rubbed my hands frigidly near its warmth.

They shouldnt be able to identify the body by now, I shrugged.

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[AUG21] For the sin of practicing witchcraft, ye punishment is burning at the stake and may ye soul burn eternally in the fires of Hell!

And with this, the child was led to the stake and bound there, then lit aflame by villagers far too ignorant to understand the onset of early Menarche.

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The Elementals; Fire

Layla's always had a fiery attitude, so what happens when something new begins to happen inside her that physically matches it? Desperate to keep her new found ability under wraps, she struggles to try and balance her mind and body, and adjust to her new life.

It's especially hard when three new comers enter her life and really test her patience.

Luka what do you want? Can't you see you've already made me angry enough? Are you wanting for me to hit you or something?" He looked almost as frustrated as I felt, what did he have to feel like that? "You don't understand Layla, nothing's working" I shot him a look, what does he mean nothing is working? "You are literally trying to make me mad on purpose, why?" The fire inside me made the words come out harsher than I intended, but I decided I didn't care.

He made me like this.

Because I want to help, but I need to make sure you're the right person" We stood silent for a few seconds, before the first part of his sentence registered in my head and I responded to it.

I don't need your help, I don't need any of your help" Luka snapped his head towards me, and a small laugh escaped from from his mouth.

Trust me, you do" ----------------------------- Layla is thrust into a new life consisting of pain, love and betrayal, and no matter how hard she tries, she won't ever be able to escape.


The Elementals; Fire on Wattpad

When I lost consciousness, my car was on fire.

When I woke up, the flames felt even hotter.

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