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Chuck e cheese stories as strange as the ones covered here are enough to keep you on edge!

I worked at Chuck E. Cheese and heard rumors that 5 kids went missing here and five nights at Freddys was real.

I laughed it off until I saw a guy in a Chuck E. Cheese costume lure 5 kids into the employees only room.

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My cousin Ricky and I always enjoyed playing in the ball pit at Chuck-E-Cheese.

Thirty years later, I still go back frequently, awaiting the day when the pit finally decides to give him back.

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Glitchless in Seattle

For the past year or so I have been noticing that things around me don't seem "normal" anymore.. I continue to have this overwhelming sense that everything is fake, in a way, or almost dream like.. I've even kicked around the idea that I may have died already and I am in some sort of state of purgatory...

I recently took my family on a weekend getaway to Seattle. Being a couple hundred miles away from our home in Selah WA, it's an easy trip for my wife and I to manage with our two kids (11year old and 4 month old).. Over the course of our weekend excursion I experienced a few things that I found to be odd and left me feeling a bit uneasy..

The first occurrence was trivial enough, but it sort of set the tone for the eeriness of the weekend. I was gazing out of the window of our hotel room on the 12th floor, sipping a cup of coffee, when I noticed a plastic bag drifting in the wind. I watched the bag dance around in the air as it slowly descended. A green dumpster 12 stories below caught my eye and I immediately thought, "what if that bag floated all the way down there and landed in that dumpster" .. I stood at the window for 5 minutes or so watching this bag slowly float towards the ground, gliding left, right, back and forth.. The more I watched the bag the more confident I became that it would find its way into the dumpster. And it did.. This bag that I noticed off in the distance drifted 12 #$@$ing stories and perfectly navigated its way into the dumpster below my building..

Later that day I was in the hotel lobby approaching the elevator to head up to my room. In front of me there was a man with two children waiting for the elevator as well. The man had a guitar case strapped to his back along with an amplifier and various other bags, his back was to me and he had a hoodie on. For some reason I thought to myself, "what if that's Ed?" Ed was a friend of mine that I hadn't seen in years. We used to work at an Olive Garden together in our younger days. We also played guitar together and did a fair amount of partying. Now here is the weird part, and my wife thinks I'm #$@$ing crazy, but bare with me.. The weird part was how confident I was that this guy was going to turn around and it would be Ed.. The same confidence, almost certainty I would say, that I had in that trash bag flying into the dumpster. The elevator doors opened and he man and his two children walked inside. As the man turned around to enter the floor number on the elevator button console, it should not have been Ed that I recognized, but it was.. It was #$@$ing Ed. We were both thrilled to see each other, and even held the door open to chat for a moment hindering other folks in the process. Even as this was all occurring, though, I couldn't shake this feeling that this isn't real.. It's a very difficult thing to describe, but things just don't feel real..

Later that evening my 11 year old son and I were on the balcony outside of our hotel room. He was peering over the edge when he suddenly whimpered out underneath his breath "that poor guy".. When I asked him who and what he was talking about he said "That bumble bee on the ground next to the dumpster, he's dead"... We were on the 12th floor like I mentioned earlier, there is no #$@$ing way this kid could see a dead bumble bee on the ground floor.. Not to mention the alleged bee was laying next to the dumpster that was the manifested landing zone for the floating trash bag.. We argued a bit over whether or not he could see the bee when he finally convinced me to go down and take a look.. As we made our way down to the street level, my thought process shifted.. The same confidence that I had previously regarding the trash bag and Ed was back.. Although I didn't mention it to my son, I was becoming increasingly certain that the bee would be there.. And, well, it was. It was #$@$ing there, right next to the green dumpster containing the trash sack.

The next evening I took the family to a place called Game Works, which is similar to Dave Busters, or an adult version of Chuck E Cheese.. I placed our car keys, wallets, and other important $#!# all into our diaper bag backpack and we carried on into the establishment. We spent a couple of hours playing games before finally counting our tickets and claiming prizes at the prize booth. We pocketed the prizes and went down the block to the CheeseCake Factory for dinner. After being seated for a few moments, my wife realizes that I do not have the backpack on... The backpack containing all of our money, credit cards, car keys, and not to mention food and supplies for our 4 month old baby.. The bizarre thing is that I have no recollection of ever taking the bag off, apparently I did because it was gone.. But I could have sworn up and down that I never took it off. I immediately go into panic mode, leap up from the table, and take off towards the Game Works establishment.. I run inside and dart around frantically for about a minute or two with the bag nowhere in sight.. Finally I calm down and focus. After breathing and focusing for a moment I am greeted with that same confidence that I mentioned before.. I was confident that I would not leave that place without my bag.. At that moment a man approached me waving his arms in the air calling me by my first name... He said "Here Cody, I've got your bag, man! Now get back to the Cheese Cake Factory and enjoy your dinner".... I was awestruck and definitely beside myself at that moment, as I had no #$@$ing clue who this man was or how he knew my name or where i was eating dinner.... I didn't even think to question the man, I reached out, grabbed the bag and left.....

This might seem coincidental to a lot of you, but these are just recent examples of how my life unfolds daily.. Either I am a walking conduit of coincidence, or something larger is at play.. My wife thinks I'm nuts, but things are definitely not the same as they used to be.. I don't know exactly how or why, but they just aren't. Things just don't seem real....

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A demonic presence within my childhood home?

Hello! This is my first time posting on this subreddit and I think this will blow some of you away and some will literally be trying to debunk this in any shape or form. So, disclaimer: the first encounter happened when I was about 4-5, BUT I remember it like it was yesterday... And the rest are from my teenage years. (Stay till the end for Bonus Paranormal Story)

Growing up in a weird @$# house was one thing, but growing up in a weird @$# house with a demon living in it...now that was another. My parents owned two businesses in town and three out of town, they also owned a number of rental properties so they were constantly busy. I was the youngest sibling out of 3 (whom were living with me at the time, I have like...6 siblings) and my older sisters...let's call them Mandy, Molly, and Mindy...always ended up watching me when my parents were out working.

I always loved horror movies growing up. I watched Jason, Freddy, Michael, and...once Chucky. Chucky (if you don't know, if you do skip to the next paragraph) is a doll from the franchise of Child's play. He is the soul of a serial killer trapped inside a Good Guy doll. He ends up going on a murderous rampage for like...a $#!# ton of movies. Are ya all caught up? Good. Then let's continue.

I watched child's play once as a child. To me it wasnt that scary...that was until...the dreams started happening. The night I watched that movie I had a dream I had just wokeup for school. I had on my favorite Winnie the Pooh pink PJs and my blankie with my bunny on it. I looked outside my window and this weird silver pod twirled into my driveway, out popped Chucky. I screamed and ran to lock the back door (since my room was right next to it) and I woke up in a hysterical screaming and crying fit. My parents ran in and I told them. This ultimately got them pissed off at my sisters. Mandy, Molly, and Mindy were pissed at first that they got in trouble, but soon realized this was to be used to their advantage. That's how my giant fear began. (I swear this is all related so bear with me)

Soon they chased me around with knives, placed Chucky dolls under and in my bed, would talk in his voice...but nothing was worse than the attic. Ya see, they told me if you said his name 4 times in a row, he'd bust out of the attic and would come and kill you. I believed it, but hey, I was 4, cut me some slack. That was the ultimate thing. They always used it against me, so I would leave them alone. Mandy lived in the room with the attic, and Mandy was also my oldest sister. So I would run to her room whenever I had a nightmare and would sleep with her... although I didn't sleep much.

Anyways, one night I had stayed up late watching cartoons on Cartoon Network, don't ask me why adult swim wasn't showing, I have no idea. I was watching...I think it was Fosters home for imaginary friends or maybe some Hi Hi puffy Ami Yumi I can't remember. Anyways, a Chuck E Cheese commercial came on! I was listening to it and smiling along with the kids...then this happened.

The kids were in bleachers outside chanting Chucky. They said it about 6 or 7 times...but all it took was 4. (Before I continue, my bedroom was set up to where my bed was next to the door, which was looking out into the hall and the staircase. The staircase was a normal staircase with the regular railing? You know, the rail then the things hanging in the middle? Like...wooden legs of tables, THEY WERENT REALLY! They were just looking like that. Anyways it was like that for the railing when you got to the top too, so you wouldn't fall?) I heard a slam, then I saw the little red tennis shoes with the overalls. I knew they were his because of the rainbow on the rollover. I was terrified, but nothing could prepare my little 4 year old mind for what I saw next. He sat down on the top step, and started moving down wards, without a sound. He got to the 3rd step. I could clearly see his face. It was horrid...his eyes weren't there, Just...big gaping black holes with blood pouring out of them (you're like $#!#s fake, it will make sense later.) I wanna scream but I can't, because I knew if I did he'd come after me. I watched him move up and down the stairs. He never got off of them, I still don't know why to this day. I played dead in my bed, meaning I wouldn't breath, if I did I wouldn't move at all, I can still do it to this day. I fell asleep and he was gone by the morning. I never told a soul about it (in my family) until years later.

I finally told Mandy. When I told Mandy her face went pale. Mandy is Indian btw, well half, so to see her go this pale was scary. She told me she remembers a slam from her room one night, but thought the suction from the air conditioning did it. I also found out that a man died in her room before we moved in. His name was apparently Mr. Blood (I've never looked into it, I'm too scared to.) He would mess with my sister's radio, scare her friends, all kinds of $#!#. Even people who would stay in our home later on would tell me our house gave them a weird vibe.

So on this house, my mom and dad divorced and my dad lived there with his wife and her dogs (they renovated the home) and I would go there every other weekend. My room was right under the upstairs. I would hear footsteps, scratching, and voices all the time. But the worst Happened when my best friend and I were on the phone. Her dogs always acted funny whenever we moved back in to that house. Anyways, we were speaking on the phone and a loud scream was heard from upstairs, only it was a woman's scream. The dogs looked back, I looked back...but it was all in my head right? Right...? "Hey are you okay!? Did you just scream!?!" Those words sent me chills down my spine. I told him no, and told him everything. This would lead to me talking to my dad about it, he thought I was nuts. I was forced to stay in the room for one night...I couldn't sleep, I was shaking all night, I saw things out in the other room in the dark...so I think spirits are attached to me? I still see shadows and $#!#. I have a $#!# ton more stories for real.


So I can also tell when bad $#!# is going to happen? I knew when my great grandma was gonna pass...well the time frame. I knew when my pawpaw was going through some bad $#!# with his cancer, and we just went on vacation and I said someone was going to die while there, sure enough someone did .-. so damn. Anyways, thank you for coming and reading. If this gets a lot of upvotes I will share another story of the paranormal $#!# that has happened in my life!

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Ive always been fond of my father and I going on hunting trips together

But now we stand out a bit more at Chuck E. Cheese and its taking the fun out of it.

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