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Devil's Town

in our world the existence of angels, demons, ghosts and the paranormal was proven and it shook society to the core, creating panic until it people stepped up to research and worked it out. >>nowadays a new job is on the market, paranormal hunters, I'm one of them but I never expected what I was going to get myself into with my newest job. >>(highest ranking: gxg 1)

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My wife's sister now had 3 children and didn't know who their fathers were.

Still surprised that she still came to my birthday party every year, I smiled and topped off her wine glass once more .

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She jammed the stake through the vampire's heart as instructed, holding back her tears as she made sure none of the hunters knew about her relationship.

It was the only way to protect the fetus in her womb.

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Serendipity -- SPN I --

"Thanks... >>Angel" "I keep a promise, Human". >>When a woman from another universe lands in the Supernatural world after a mysterious accident, she must overcome the hurdles of being hunted down by angels and demons while still holding onto the hope of getting back home. >>End of Season 3 - Season 4

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I thought my work's surveillance system was lagging again because my co-worker was showing on 5 cameras at once again.

However, as I clicked refresh, my coworker turned toward me on each and every screen with an unnaturally wide grin cut across her face.

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I walked into the church to confess my sins.

Halfway to the alter I saw each statue adorning the walls turns its head to look away from me.

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The Assassin Hybrid

Evelyn was a young girl when her pack was killed. >>She was found and taken in by hunters that don't know her secret. >>She is a vampire, angel, and a wolf hybrid. >>She hunts down the rogue vampires and werewolves. >>Every day is another day closer to finding her mate and she's not going to accept him until she gets revenge. >>What will she do when she meets her mate on a mission? Will she reject him and continue her mission or will she accept him and put him in danger? What will happen when he discovers what she is? Started January 14, 2014 Finished September 23, 2015 I'm going to be editing this story so some details may change. >>I will be removing most of the pictures but will be leaving all comments. >>I hope to improve the story. >>I will publish the edits all at once so there is no confusion or blending of chapters. >>(2019)

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Touched by an angel

Back in 2014, I was laying in bed, on my back, in the dark. My daughter was 3 and asleep a foot away from me. My eyes were closed. I was not asleep but laying there, when I felt three pokes on my Forehead. I opened my eyes and a hand made of white light was slowly shifting away from my Forehead. (as I realized three of it's fingers had touched my Forehead) The hand had an arm as well, with a sleeve to the wrist. The light of it all was so bright and yet the light didn't stretch past itself. It was contained. It slowly drifted back until it disappeared before my eyes. I did not feel scared at all.

I first reached for my daughter to see if she could have reached toward me.. But her back was too me. Besides, it was an adult hand and arm, it looked feminine not masculine. The sleeve looked like silk and it drooped below the wrist about two inches.

Once I realized I saw what I saw.... I said "What was that for?!" it has baffled me to this day.

Now, I should give a little back story... I have seen ghosts since I was little. I grew up in an old multi story home in jersey. I was always feeling a presence at various times. And I had seen a few apparitions. Through out the years while living there.

Just.... Consider myself a moderately intuned magnet wherever I go.

I moved to Florida, and again.. Saw things.. My first shadow man. Yuck. And a kid that died. (nothing worse than being stared at my a bloody dead thing) a ghost tucked me in one, she was a little girl. I have many stories about her.

So I have always been privy to detecting and seeing energy. And have been validated a few times, as in the living would know who the heck I was seeing when I described them. Thank God, bc it's terrible going through life thinking that I'm just crazy.

I would say that around the time of the angel... That's when my empathic ability really took off. My ability for clairvocognizance (knowing) and clairsentience (recognizing feeling) really took off. So I'm thinking that might be it?

I am grateful because I just want to help people... I think the greatest downfall... It's that when it comes to myself... I am so lost lol but at least I can help others.

I tried to join a psychic group on Facebook.. But not all psychic people are nice.. And I'm not good at filtering the energy I feel. I can shut it down all the way or welcome it all in. Just can't balance it all.

I did learn during that time that I could detect a person's physical pain... That was cool.

I'll end it with the first time that I could feel a person's mental state... The guy had schizophrenia... I'm sure he still does, it was ages ago. His thoughts felt like grand central station... A hundred things coming and going.. It felt chaotic. (I can't read minds.. But I can feel the energy of strong thought)

I didn't know the guy had schizophrenia until after I questioned his friend about him. That's when it made sense.

I wouldn't even speak up about this... Bc to those who haven't experienced this... It sounds crazy. But I know this group is full of open minded, curious people.

P. S.

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