Idle Youth Place Their "Preface" in Your Cerebrum

Odd Nugget Social-done

Soft and supple shoegaze grace gives Idle Youth's "Preface" a pleasant sonic hue.

Shuffling drums and chiming notes blow as smoke on melodic water.

Nevermind the moon.

Dawn is dawning and dusk is dead. We'll run up ahead.

But, we'll be back soon.

"I will try to get on by..."

High speed rhythm heightens senses throughout "Preface". Pervading the song is a sense of blissful perception, omitting any opposition.

We're to be swept up, whisked away by this song; catapulted from our concrete reality to harmonic air. "Preface" is a quickened take on krautrock, tinged in the glint and gleam of a dream.


In shoegaze form, this tune takes us to a realm of droning tones and consistent sound. Rhythmic shifts as our guides and choral singing as our compass, we're lead out over an endless expanse of nebulous nuance. Wordless stretches of soundscape dance at a reverant drum-and-bass cadence. Amazement...

Cast cares by the wayside and embrace Idle Youth's "Preface". This is everything shoegaze rock should be and a little bit more. Press play and soar.

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