Hugh and Bonjay's New Tune is Bound to Make "Sense to You"

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Smooth sultry lovin' in the vein of a Janet J. midnight groove, Hugh's new tune "Sense to You" makes all kinds of soulful sense.

Heavy electro-90's arch in its rhythmic step, this track leaps back to a time and place you'll be glad to retrace.

Just let it happen.

Close your eyes and make it real.

You know what you feel.

Odd Nugget Soci-hecho

"Darling, this is our cue..."

Hugh harness all of their loving feelings to stunning results in "Sense to You".

Thud, thud goes the kick to the beat of a heart. Deep, opaque bass rises like a tide, high, shivering with waves of icy arpeggios. Echoing toms oscillate at your sides, heralding the arrival of every wet snare pop. Vocals breathe sweet, then morph to monster mode with synthetic fluidity amid a densely populated mix. The chorus kicks and sticks to boot.


Love is all that's on the line in this fine tune. A night spent in arms, embracing... "Sense to You" meets the senses with a lush, vast-yet-intimate soundscape to rival the atmosphere of an enchanted evening.

If you're feeling the love, then this track will make you move. If sweet tones don't usually make "Sense to You," hit the button below and see if these do.

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