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Original images can make or break your marketing campaigns.

In fact, visual content (like infographics) seems to work incredibly well for marketers, due to images being easier for everyone to remember than words.

Pictures are priced in thousands of words, after all.

Of course, someone has got to actually make all of those original images in the first place for them to be of any use.

Rehashed pictures are old hat and boring stock captures alone won't convince anyone of anything at the end of the day.

That's where Snappa comes intto the picture (pun intended!). Now, you can make killer images with the best of 'em.

Best of all... You don't need to be a pro graphic designer to do it.

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How to use Snappa for web graphics

artist painting pixel art

Snappa saves the day with a delightful bounty of templates and tools meant to make custom image creation easier all around.

You can count on Snappa to hook you up with:

1. The perfect image dimensions (sizes) for your needs - Youtube, Instagram, etc.

2. Top-notch stock photos and art that don't scream "I found this in generic-land..."

3. Insanely powerful tools like automatic background removal at no extra cost

Combine the above with the endless influx of stunning new templates and you've got a recipe for super simple image making.

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Snappa makes a lot of things easier

web cloud graphics pixel art

Just sorting through different repositories of stock photos can become time-consuming - let alone, poring over picture modification settings in Photoshop (or Gimp, for all you FOSS users out there!).

For non-designers, the above simply does not compute. Snappa simplifies everything and expands your horizons at the same time with more than 1,000 daily additions to their free stockpile of assets for you to mix and match in your own creations.

I know we've mentioned the templates, but seriously...

The templates are great.

You never have to start from scratch with Snappa and that's a huge plus.

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