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Taking up piano playing often means splurging on expensive lessons at inconvenient locations.

A talented teacher can take you far, but driving far for each class isn't too enticing.

Being able to start your own piano-playing journey from wherever you are most comfortable can really help you stick with it. That's what apps like Flowkey are all about.

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Flowkey is the perfect piano learning app for beginners and veterans alike. You can literally get up and running with it in a couple minutes and start learning to play your favorite songs.

Best of all, you get to learn at your own pace and practice whatever interests you the most (instead of getting stuck on etudes for years on end!).

How to use Flowkey

flowkey player view on piano sheet music app

Where other apps impose pretty strict limitations on what you can access for free, Flowkey focuses on value first, which is pretty neat.

The free app lets you practice playing up to 8 free songs and has plenty of exercises available to get your fingers moving in the right direction.

Flowkey doesn't just give you some sheet music and send you on your way.

Lessons are guided by examples from pros and the notes you play are recognized by the app over a MIDI (or USB to host) connection.

You can slow passages down, practice each hand's notes on their own or even loop specific parts of a song until you've got them memorized.

Best of all, there's no time limit. You can use the app freely this way for as long as you want.

That being said, paid plans offer a lot of perks...

1. Access to as many songs as you can possibly play (way more than 1,500)

2. Full access to all course exercises

3. The above features are made available on desktop, mobile and tablet devices

Paid subscriptions are available on a monthly or annual basis and there's even a lifetime, one-off cost for a premium subscription that never expires.

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Flowkey has a ton of sheet music available

flowkey piano learning app song list

Did I mention Flowkey hs over 1,500 professionally arranged songs available?

Because they do.

That's a lot of songs.

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Flowkey is super convenient

flowkey player piano learning app beginners

Even if the songs you want to play are way above your pay grade, Flowkey gives you access to simplified versions you can sink your teeth into.

You can practice with headphones, use your favorite device or switch over to their courses to broaden your horizons as a musician.

Learn sheet music, hand positions, scales and more...

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Piano learning pitfalls

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Going it alone can be tough when it comes to taking up an instrument and solo learners may find their interest waning without the right guidance.

Simple things like trying arrangements that are too tough for your skill level or attempting to read complex sheet music without learning the basics can turn you off of piano practice for good.

Best to get a good start with a proper training aid. That way your new keyboard won't end up curbside or covered in dust.

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