How to Be a Very Foolish Fop

Odd Nugget Social-doneAs a stock character of classic English literature, the "fop" was, essentially, a fashionable fool.

Fops are a great many things in detail, but boiled down to basics, they are vain and prone to putting on airs. Read on to discover how you can become the most foolish of fops...

"The word "fop" is first recorded in 1440, and for several centuries just meant a fool of any kind..."

First, you'll need to change your name...

Fops have ridiculous names that are quite indicative of their obsession with fanciness. For example, think of me not as Jeff Mitchell, but Monsieur Magnifique Clothing instead. Now, that's fancy right there.

Colley Cibber, a playwright who played a strong role in bringing fops to life in the late 1600's - mid 1700's and wrote original plays for his company situated at Drury Lane, coined one of the most hilarious fop names to date - 'Sir Novelty Fashion'.


Second, take note of your appearance and to hell with everything else!

Fops are quite obsessed with looking luxurious and posh. Put more money into your appearance than gas in your car and you'll be well on your way to Lord Foppington status.


Third, aspire to higher social standing than you've any right or claim to.

The ultimate fop makes out to be a prince or plutocrat without actually putting in any work to do so. Fops simply strive to flirt around with nobility in the hopes they'll magically become nobility by association. Because that's how the world works, right?

So sidle up to celebrities and flaunt your fashionable self. They'll love you for the flirty fop you so obviously are!

Should you follow the above advice, you'll soon find yourself a full-fledged fop in fopping. Fop on brethren and be dandy!


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