How Copper Creek Became a Ghost Town

Odd US Copper Creek Ghost Town

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Once upon a time, a dusty, sun-baked canyon way out in Arizona became home to 500 wealth-seeking miners and entrepreneurs.

It was the early 1900's and every roving precious-metal-seeker to arrive in Copper Creek was antsy with anticipation of a fortune to be found in the bustling little town.

Lady Liberty is made of 3/32-inch thick copper – about the thickness of two pennies. The green color or patina is the natural aging of the copper and in some places is nearly as thick as the copper itself. The statue stands 305 feet tall, or about the height of a 22-story building. She was the tallest structure in New York City when she was unveiled.

- Georgia Dullea in: "Little Bits of History: The Two Sisters"

Owing to its rich underground deposits, Copper Creek was named after the main metal to be found there in ample supply. To this day, the place is rumored to be replete with ripe, glistening copper, but its boomtown days have come and gone.

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All that remains of copper creek is a hollowed out mansion and the withered foundations of a few buildings the town had built - lost to time, sand and distant memory.

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