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When a $#!#ty person gets mad at you and stops talking to you it's like the garbage in your house takes itself out: Wonderful..

Speaking of house stuff...

Let's be frank... The house stories that follow are more than a little strange. If you're easily spooked, you might want to skip a few...

The stork was shot right out of the sky behind my house last night, but we managed to save it and release it make into the wild.

However, whatever was in that bag wasnt so lucky.

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I accidentally manifested my parents house fire

I was working from home and absolutely hated my job. This day was especially bad and I had zero motivation to clock in, so I was trying to come up with an excuse. I was thinking hmm Ill just tell them my apartment complex was on fire (I had already used every excuse in the book lol). But then I was like that might transpire into extra paperwork or something as I had the company owned equipment in my apartment. So I thought about telling them my parents house caught on fire. Finally decided to just clock in because the mental picture of my parents house on fire made me feel guilty.

And sure enough an hour later my mom calls.

"Your dad blew up the fking shed."

My soul left my body I could not believe it. My dad set down a LIT TORCH to take a phone call. It fell right next to two propane tanks and welp, exploded. Completely burnt the shed to the ground and part of the garage and house.

I ended up getting the day off work.

Edit: Dad is all good! He answered the phone and was out front of the house when it happened.

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Every night I check if the house windows are closed and locked

The night that they forget, they will regret it

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A house ruined my two years of my life

Sorry for any grammatical mistakes, spelling errors, and formatting, Im on my phone and Im not the best when it comes to grammar.

So, Id like to start out by saying that I highly doubt that my experiences there were caused by an underlying mental illness or even a carbon monoxide leak considering Ive never experienced these feelings anywhere else and had gone through months of trying to figure out what was wrong and testing for a leak which never lead us anywhere, but with that said: I cant always be too sure.

I moved into this house in July of 2016 and it was just my father and I. It was a nice three bedroom house in a nice, well kept neighborhood on the outskirts of town. When I first visited the house for the viewing it was like a dream and it was the only house we had seen that really stood out to us and we eventually ended up closing on it because of how much we loved it. There were no negative feelings, no feelings of sickness, nothing, but as soon as we moved in things started to change in ways we couldnt really understand. Doors would close on their own, lights would shut off or on after youve left a room, the unmistakeable sound of someone in the garage and back porch, and just an overall sense of unease.

The house always felt like it held heavy air and that sense of ease never lifted even when I had friends over, nothing ever seemed to help. At night it felt like you were being watched from the corners of the room and the only room I felt safe in at any point was my room, but I often cleansed it and burned incense frequently and kept up it up ritualistically and that seemed to help a lot with keeping that room energy free.

The first instance I can remember so vividly that still shakes me to my core was during the first month of living there. I had been sleeping on the couch in the living room because there just was something about my bedroom that kept me from sleeping and the only place I felt comfortable enough to sleep had been the living room. I remember falling asleep around 10 pm and had a very very strange dream from which I woke up from in another dream that still makes me horribly anxious to think about. I had woken up and slowly started to sit up, I was in my living room where I had fallen asleep, but my body felt very heavy and it felt physically like I was laying down on my couch but I was very much so sitting up. It was still dark out and I started to look for my phone when a figure down hall by my dads door caught my attention. It was a very tall and dark figure standing there. It was darker than the hall around it and it felt downright aggressive, like I had done something personally to offend it, but before I could even move it was charging at me. I felt the floor shake and heard the sound of rustling fabric and very deep labored breathing which only stopped as I shot awake, sitting up from the couch. Nothing was out of place, the only thing that hinted something having been there was my cat who had his back hunched and was hissing towards the hallway. Luckily it was roughly 7 am and the sun started to rise and I didnt move from my spot until the entire room was covered in the light of the sun.

When when my dad lost his job when I was almost 18 and we had to sell the house things started to stir when everything started to be moved out of the house. Due to my dad having to get a job in the city he was going to move in with his best friend who lived not far from said city and he was going to help me get an apartment when I turned 18 since we were likely going to sell the house after my birthday, well that left me alone in the house by myself after my dad moved out, only coming down on the weekends to take me into town to get food as I couldnt drive at the time.

During this time I moved my bed into the now empty living room because my room began to feel so unsafe and heavy. at this point I was cleansing my room and house every day, but it never made it feel any better. The only place I felt I could be safe and watch over the house was in the living room so thats where I stayed. When I would turn off the lights to go to bed I would hear foot steps walking up and down the hall, never approaching the living room, and eventually they would stop, but not before they would start to speed walk towards the living room and the stop just a few feet shy of the living room.

Sometimes I would hear knocking in the kitchen when the cats would be laying with me and the dog would already be with my dad. Theyd be a knock here and there and then almost rhythmic for a few seconds and then stop.

Every night I experienced terrible night terrors that I couldnt wake up from where a man with an unidentifiable face would be screaming somewhere in the house and wake me up and then would come storming into the living room. At this point he would point at me and continue yelling before storming up to me and as I scrambled to get away he got on top of me and started strangling me and as he did this his face would distort into this terrifying face I cant even begin to describe while the house would begin to be set ablaze. This happened every night until I moved out.

Some smaller instances while I was living there:

The sound of a man yelling and screaming in the garage, throwing tools around, and very loud music, but when youd go to check out youd just been met with a dark, dead silent, and an untouched garage. It could not have been from my neighbors either. We lived in a cul-de-sac and my neighbors were placed just far enough that you could barely see their front doors. From the street. My house and one other house were one of the only houses you could really see the front door while on the street and that other house is the only one we could hear and our neighbors were always quiet beside when their family and friends would come over.

I would constantly wake up with bruises all over my body, but they often time looked like fingers and there was usually 2 or 3 in the same place and would often time look in the mirror to see bruises that werent actually there(on my face, my neck, and my torso) and had people point out bruises that would be gone in minutes if not seconds.

Im not sure what was there, but I dont ever want to live with it again and I hope its not causing the next family any problems.

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Lights in my house look like pixels.

I don't know how it works, I really just want to see if there is some sort of explanation. I have a light in my room that shines into my hallway, the light that appears in my hallway almost looks like pixels or cubes getting dimmer and dimmer the further they are from my room. I'm confused to how this is happening as there are no cube shaped objects that would have light shining off them to make this happen.

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