Holloway Road Are Totally Going to "Get The Girl"

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Holloway Road psych themselves up to "Get The Girl" with country sway cranked all the way.

A charismatic commingling of pop and country balladry puts this song on our musical map.

No words of solace for you...

No clear-cut ending... You've got no guarantee on...

The cues she's sending.

Odd Nugget Soc-hecho

"She's what I've been looking for in my world..."

Creative country pop to the power of two... This duo delivers a potent piece of music in "Get The Girl".

This track wakes to a widening spectrum, expanding to a full-bodied groove of gilded guitars and shimmering percussion. Dual vocals caress the mix with lyrics, self-reflective and sweetly reassuring.


"Get The Girl" is all about its namesake objective. Thrust into the moment, we're privvy to an internal monologue most men know all too well. Smitten, our two singers settle their nerves in a last-ditch effort at making an approach.

Country music needn't be your number one for this song to speak to you. Pull up a chair and give "Get The Girl" a spin. You're likely to like it.

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