"Holding On" is Hard if You're Blasting Gleeson's New Album

Odd Nugget Social-done

Surprisingly melodic and brutally mellifluous, Gleeson's track "Holding On" opens their epic new album "The Years Have It" with a bang.

A wall-o-guitars, sweet vocals and crazy chord changes... Verily, I say, it's great stuff indeed.

Something brilliant beckons.

Sunspots spread and your eyes can't take it.

Broken, breaking, pieced back together...

Rebirth is real. It's too hard to fake it.


"Wait, let's see what's wrong..."

Caught close between shimmering shoegaze and rambunctious punk rock, Gleeson give us a glimpse of the in-between space they've made their own in this track.

Break and repeat rhythm plays catch and release with your senses throughout "Holding On". Sparky rockin' power chords venture into Eastern harmonic territory too, scalding you with ebullient energy as Majors and Minors immix.

In its entirety, the full album, "The Years Have It," offers this magic and more. From full-force crash-rock to a shock of sweet country and straight-ahead jazz... It's an exciting, enjoyable experience. Have a listen.

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