Hit by Fifth Harmony's "He Like That"



It takes two to tango, but five to make a song like this.

Fifth Harmony bring the bass back in "He Like That" - pouring lyrical honey over a super sub.

Pumps and a bump...

Yes, these ladies have it going on, but the pumps and bump of "He Like That's" bangin' beat have the stage here.


Everything's situated right where it ought to be; it's effortlessly calculated and I love it for that.

I can't seem to get enough of the bass in this track. That low rumble ebbs in and out over an 808 kick so smooth. Perfection!

one taste and he want it...

Why yes, yes I do. Caught me red-handed.

Fifth Harmony have my undivided attention. Well, sort of... There are five of them after all.

Check out "He Like That" for yourself. You'll like it too.

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