Historian Rings That Old "Familiar Bell"


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Historian is back with an epic album of tone poems pleasantly piquant to the musical palate. What's more, his track "Familiar Bell" rings true to the full album's amazing sound.

It's an airy, otherworldly adventure of a song.

"Another warning shot..."

Cool, wet wind laps locks of hair against you. Stowed away on a captainless ship...

Waves are mere ripples over pacific depths; tickling the surface.

Fathoms down, you see. Sea; empty and open.

Your breath won't hold. Time to dive back in.


"...Ringing out again..."

"Familiar Bell" rings familiar with the retro, low-fi synth warmth Linkin Park and Radiohead would regularly bask in. All the static hiss of a tape reel lingers on the notes and accentuates the sound.

Historian's style has evolved from tribal tone dust to downtempo tonal transcendence in this release. The album harnesses his cool, enchantingly disenchanted singing with timeless elegance and Neil Young nuance.

Melodically, a spacey string ensemble draws us out of orbit and into the ether, where glistening glissandos and pirouetting arpeggios parade the vastness. Occasional passionately-played episodes break through the sonic swirl; spasmodic sparks in a weightless vacuum. Serene and surreal...

Historian has a new story to tell and its beauty is indisputable. "Familiar Bell" is a real pleasure to hear, and it's hard to pass up. Why try? Have a listen and let it take you away. Also, keep your ears peeled for his coming LP release 9/14/2018!

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