"Hippo Eats Dwarf" - Fake News Older Than the Internet Itself

Odd Nugget Social-done

Do hippos ever get hungry, hungry enough to swallow a dwarf sans so much as a chew? Probably not, but plenty of people think they do.

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A ridiculous news story came about in the dial-up days of Usenet that asserted such a dubious description to be true, and the Internet won't let it die.


"The hoax news story has been circulating the Internet since 1994, when it was posted to Usenet."

There are a number of versions of this completely ridiculous story in circulation at this point, but its original incarnation was every bit as dumb as the headline.

According to the story, circus-goers in Thailand bore witness to a dwarf who, after having bounced on a trampoline of course, landed soundly inside a hippo's gaping maw. Oh, the humanity!

Clearly, fake news has been a thing since before the Internet itself was.


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