Hero Fisher Plainly Ponders "If I Die and Nothing Happens"


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An abstract EDM roller coaster ride awaits in Hero Fisher's "If I Die and Nothing Happens".

From bass, beat and voice, this tune builds to hopeful hopelessness in a sea of synths.

"A bigger thing that I'm a part of..."

Cold corner. Icy bones breaking...

Crippled under pressure, yet no one's imposing.

Will is a mind-game. It's the kind you keep losing. Will you ever win?

"Pray for more light..."

Hero Fisher works her lone brand of magic amidst a mass of melodic madness in "If I Die and Nothing Happens". It's chaos controlled.

The beat in this track taps and scratches in rippling industrial fuzz. There's a lot of sound, but it's a brilliant sort of sound, signifying silence. The track's titular interrogative rings true in endless echoes, offering no response in response. Powerful poetry...

Multitudinous elements arrange themselves around your ears here, all taunting and dancing nude in hectic formation. High-flung strings, prevailing vocals and a great many vibrating tones... You'll lose your brains trying to separate them all. Call it cohesion.

"If I Die and Nothing Happens" demands you settle down and soak it in. It's a beautiful tale of a tune and a piece you'll be tempted to ponder a while. Go for it.

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