Hero Fisher Lives Her "Life Through Closed Eyes"

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Hero Fisher flaunts her own electric, eclectic brand of moody brooding beauty in "Life Through Closed Eyes".

Fresh from her full album "Glue Moon," this track whisks you off and out of this world.

Cold and warm; sun rays on a snow drift...

You could slip away today.

Right now; and no one'd notice.

The world's cruelty is cold. Bask in innocence.

"I know you're tired. I don't blame you..."

Choral vocals offset a stumbling beat in "Life Through Closed Eyes". From all directions, a spreading haze of bright echoes presses in.

Hero Fisher forges the biggest and boldest of sounds, simultaneously professing the smallest and most precious of sentiments. Listening to "Life Through Closed Eyes," it's easy enough to close our own and see.


There's a wealth of subtlety to this tune's shifty spirit. Hero drops and hoists emotive handles so seamlessly, the emotional roller-coaster you ride throughout the track seems gentle as a rocking chair. But, it's still there.

Hero Fisher's music is mystifying stuff; easy enough to indulge in. To partake in it is to ponder. Ponder it now by pressing play.

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