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Waffles would have been a very difficult thing for Donkey to make in Shrek's swamp..

On a similar note...

Swamp tales that take you to places as weird as the ones below do are nigh on impossible not to look at. Go on - you know you want to...

The Feast

Gwendolyn Brynn was always warned to stay away from the swamp near her house. >>Now that she has spent God knows how long wandering it with only Merimore Long for company, she understands why. >>Meri's constant invitation to "the feast" fills her with more dread than relief, and the child corpses she has to avoid only make the place more foreboding. >>And yet, with exhaustion slowly taking over her body and voices screaming in her ears, this begins to sound more and more appealing. >>Her choices are narrowing, and Gwen is acutely aware: one way or another, she's going to find out the secret of the feast. >>Cover made by LauraT98. >>Thanks so much!

The Feast on Wattpad

Swamp Gas 2.0

I think the above is an appropriate name for our current situation.

Posted on Reddit by rman666.

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"Nighcrawler" spotted years ago, what are they actually called?

I was with my brother and one of his girlfriends at the time. It was late night, not sure what time but could have been anywhere around 10:00 to midnight or so. We decided to go "exploring" in the woods. We were near a big swamp at a friend's house that night and said sure, why not. So off we went. We didn't even get that far, and then we noticed something short standing just a few feet away... so we walk up, and it's a #$@$ing pale "creature" with a very rounded head, no discernable features at night, just seemed like it had eyes but that's all I could make out... and long @$# legs. Just a big round head and two long legs. It just froze looking at us, as we were frozen looking at it, and then it turns around and runs. We do the same.

I saw a video on youtube talking about "Fr3sno nightcrawlers" some time ago and freaked out to see they are a real being that other's have seen. I've heard that Native Americans believed in them and that they did in fact come fromstay around swamps. I just can't remember what they are called... Either way, does anyone know their actual name? Has anyone else seen them? Any info is appreciated. Best to you!

Posted on Reddit by One_Astronomer5493.

Death's Swamp Lineage

The souls of the Dead ones travel to the Underworld via Death's River. >>There has been a time so dark that the river turned into a swamp and the livings where struggling to survive among the trapped souls.

Death's Swamp Lineage on Wattpad

We're going to live my Officer said we will escape the enemy through the swamps

Translation of a note found by a British Commando on Ramree Island in January of 1945

Posted on Reddit by Cowboywizard12.

My grandmother had always warned me to never walk into the swamp lands at night, unless I wanted to stumble into quick sand and become an easy target for the Pukwudgie to snatch away.

Luckily, these little glowing orbs are giving off enough light for me to see where I'm walking, so I don't have to be worried about blindly wandering into any muddy traps.

Posted on Reddit by Altruistic-radish45.

Don't Call Me Dead

When a young woman finds herself living in a forest, not remembering how she got there, why can't she leave or even what her name is, she can't help but wonder about her own identity. >>There's only one thing she believes she knows: that she's not a ghost. >>Even if everything about her seems to prove otherwise. >>A supernatural mysteryhorror novella. >>Completed. >>4 in GHOSTSTORY

Don't Call Me Dead on Wattpad

I'd bind them and I'd torture them but I'd never kill any of my victims.

It's the thrashing that lures the swamp gators.

Posted on Reddit by thelurking0wl.

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