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A house with holes in the walls is only worth less if nobody claims they're actually art.

With house ideas in mind...

Only someone who loves getting spooked will find the following house stories and books more fun than freaky. What do you think?

The House

Short story bout a haunted house.

What else is there to say?

The House on Wattpad

My mom kicked me out the house for tickling my little brother's feet.

I knew I should've waited until he was born.

Posted on Reddit by OhNo_StepBro.

"Finally, I have the house to myself.", the boy said when he threw himself on the couch.

Pinocchio's dread grew as fast as his nose did when the words left his mouth

Posted on Reddit by Vanadium_CoffeeCup.

control joshler

"It's that house.

That #&@$ing house, Lina.

He hasn't been the same since he moved in there." "My abuela used to tell me stories about that house before my ma told her to knock her $#!# off.

She used to say El Diablo lived there." "El Diablo?" "The devil." nicosniners

control joshler on Wattpad

I burned my smartphone, trashed my laptop, and removed any possible camera from my house

But as I looked in the mirror with a screwdriver in my hand, I realized I somehow overlooked two tiny cameras that theyve been using to watch me all of my life.

Posted on Reddit by paddjo95.

I was nervous to visit my boyfriends house for the first time, since he told me his mother is overprotective of him.

She jokingly said Sorry dear, but hes mine as she firmly grabbed his thigh, but I couldnt help but notice how uncomfortable he looked when she touched him.

Posted on Reddit by Yummy_Robot_Sauce.



After discovering she's a descendant of Hades, Avery must find a way to escape those hunting her and ultimately choose between her two opposing soulmates.

Once Avery Stavros kissed her best friend's older brother Vladimir, she knew there was no turning back.

But as the only living Stavros left, she needs to make a careful decision between him and Adrian despite being able to read both of their minds - something that should only be possible between her and her one soulmate.

Love or life? Which one is more important? Loving someone or saving your own life? When the Greek gods and goddesses start meddling with the life of humans, everything's doomed to crash and burn.

What will Avery do to protect the one - or ones - she loves? [[word count: 70,000-80,000 words]]

ENAMOURED on Wattpad

A gunshot resounded throughout the house, waking everyone up.

Even the father, who, standing in panic over the corpse of his own daughter, dropped the gun on the floor.

Posted on Reddit by stbures.

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