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No one is sad at the Circus..

So we need more magical circus tents to pop up around us.

Also of interest...

Reading super weird circus stories and books won't make you any weirder. At least, i don't think it will...

The Midnight Carnivale

Runaways Rosie and Oliver are in for a surprise when they stumble across The Midnight Carnival, a traveling circus that performs only once the sun has set.

When charismatic proprietor Mr.

White promises them fame, fortune and best of all -- immortality, will they accept? When the time comes, will they be willing to pay the price no matter how steep, or will they forfeit -- with their lives.

Set in the 1930s during the midst of the Great Depression, The Midnight Carnivale blends fantasy, horror and a bit of history to create a spellbinding tale of ancient magic, unwavering devotion, and the unbreakable bonds of friendship.

The Midnight Carnivale on Wattpad

I was really scared when I got lost at the circus.

Until the nice clown said he'd drive me home.

Posted on Reddit by Forward3000.

More Like This

I went to the circus to see the acrobats.

One of the clowns followed me home.

Posted on Reddit by Bellatrix313.

The Pavilion of Truth

A mystical carnival has appeared in town and you have been exploring it's mysterious tents for the past few nights.

On this particular night you find a peculiar, and almost deserted tent.

What will await you inside the Pavilion of Truth?

The Pavilion of Truth on Wattpad

I pleaded with my sister not to drag me along to the circus.

But the ringleader had no use for only a half set of conjoined twins.

Posted on Reddit by KPsm00th.

Dad didn't understand why the circus' Ferris Wheel made me scared but we didn't have to go again.

At the top of the Ferris Wheel I had seen how the circus had replaced the entire town, the forest beyond and even the mountains.

Posted on Reddit by ThrowawayBlast.

Broken Wings

Sterling, the last angel on earth, was shot down from the sky, trying to give his family a better life.

Weak and unable to fly, he ends up with a pack of werewolves.

Unlike his family, these wolves abuse, and rape him.

Once they deemed him useless, they sold him off to the circus, for a good price.

His new master, used him for a good run, until he too deemed him unworthy.

Sold over and over again, he feels like the end is near.

Until he finally gets what he deserves.

Tripp Green, a low class witch feels that every creature deserves a fighting chance.

So when his family drags him off to the circus, he doesn't think to find the most beautiful creature there.

Chained, and abused, the angel looks defeated.

Such a strong being should never feel that way.

The only thing Tripp can think about, is saving him.

What he doesn't know, is that this destroyed man, may be his one and only.

Story has mentions of abuse and rape in great detail.

Also foul language, and self harm.

This story is not for everyone.

Also the story is set in our time, but also has an 1800 themed.

There is electronics.

But no cars or cell phones.

Has our fashion style also.)

Broken Wings on Wattpad

Thanks to the crazy old man's warning, I was on alert for the supernatural at the traveling circus.

As I lay dying of various illnesses I realized he meant the safety violations in the food trucks.

Posted on Reddit by ThrowawayBlast.

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