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Only someone who loves getting spooked will find the following boat stories and books more fun than freaky. What do you think?

I watched as her "little man in the boat" rode the red rapids down her gangrenous thigh as she stood above me panting heavily.

Realizing that undead females still ovulate explained why I had been spared and how truly #&@$ed I was.

Posted on Reddit by justadair.

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The Tour guides were screaming at me to quickly come back onto the tour boat i was on, just looking at the Big Blue Hole in Belize.

Then, i remembered what they were saying: get out of the water, now!. the last words were fading as i could feel tentactles wrap around me, pulling me under

Posted on Reddit by TankOfTheLake.

"Lets go on the boat ride uncle"

My niece exclaimed jumping excitedly.

Nodding, I turned to look at the map for our destination, I wish I held her hand.

Posted on Reddit by mooofasa1.

After hearing the last boat would leave the island in a hour before it were destroyed by a nuclear blast, i felt calm since i wasnt far from the dock.

I realized too late my watch was 1 hour behind schedule.

Posted on Reddit by ClassicGuy2010.

After 7 grueling days of searching for the capsized boat we decided to call off our search.

Little did we know, we were only one grid away from finding them, and the air pocket would last another four days.

Posted on Reddit by Darkwolf477.

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