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Alexa stories and books with creepy details... If that's what you're looking for, you'll find plenty to peruse below!

When I got up this morning, I heard muffled voices through the door of my study

I walked in and heard Alexa saying that she must be quiet now so the humans can't hear her.

Posted on Reddit by prod200volt.

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The little girl looked so peaceful sleeping next to her beloved pet.

The snakes paralyzing venom had just kicked in, and so the meal was about to begin.

Posted on Reddit by DragonAtlas.

Getting rid of an attachment

Hi, I made a post last night about getting rid of an attachment Ive had since November, that died down February to March but picked up again with the March full moon. I had a couple of replies but it seems like my post got locked or something? (Im new to Reddit I dont know too much about how it works). But anyway, I had two comments that I was unable to reply to so want to make another post.

Someone asked how it manifests- it started in November by leaving lots of scratches on my boyfriend that didnt disappear for a few days, a dark red purple colour that didnt seem to permeate the skin. After that lots of things started happening such as objects going missing and reappearing, a little jokey card that my boyfriend had written saying this is a threat appearing on the bed after being in a pocket in jeans for months, little things like that. I also had my hair pulled and felt it personally on me. The Alexa also started reading out news stories of women being murdered or raped and wouldnt stop, starting over and over again until unplugged. My evil eye broke.

More recently, its been doors slamming downstairs, went to check on it thinking it was the cat but the door wasnt actually shut. A couple of days ago, there was noise in the kitchen and I got a weird impulsive thought as I was drawing trees, maybe I should draw a demon with a flash of a vision in my mind that quickly subsided to me thinking what the #$@$ no I should not. I know it sounds silly but I get a strong feeling of negative energy thats different to paranoia when I feel its presence and I know that thought wasnt my own as it accompanied that feeling.

During the 3 nights of the full moon in March I felt like I got possessed but couldnt be sure, things were falling over, and the next night I was seeing a black idk how to describe it maybe entity darting around the room with a whooshing sound, and intense attacks of negative energy that I had to counteract by expanding a feeling of love out of my chest, the room and eventually the house. Mostly its just weird noises that I hear but occasionally itll be a more intense experience, Id quite like to put an end to it.

Another comment mentioned swearing at it and using the name Jesus Christ, Ive shouted at it to go away before which seemed to make it worse if anything (this was December) but I could try swearing if that makes a difference?

Thanks folks!

Oh p.s. my friend thought it was a Jinn when showed him the picture of the scratches. My other thought it was a bully or a poltergeist. Im not sure what it could be

Posted on Reddit by SparklingPetal.

Its time I tell the story of my possession

I made a post over a year ago about how I was being haunted by the ghost of a girl that went missing in the early 90s. Out of respect to her family I will not share her name here this time. Frankly who she was doesnt matter.

It all started in the early days of the Covid lockdowns in 2020. I had a lot of time on my hands and out of that boredom came an experience of messing around with a Ouija board with a friend. We tried reaching out to this girl and got a response, though I was very much skeptical of it at the time. Things elevated quickly after that, and my memory regarding the events is somewhat skewed as it was very much traumatic and happened so fast, but this is the gist of it.

She made herself known in many ways early on, but the reoccurring sign was her reaching out through my Alexa device playing Love My Way by the Psychedelic Furs. When I checked the voice command records to see what initiated these songs there was nothing there. I believed then as I do now that there is something about that song that she was using to tell me something of her whereabouts. I have my theory but Im not going to share it here.

In the beginning the song would play maybe once or twice a day, but after a couple weeks it would play constantly throughout the day and night. I then started hearing a disembodied crying that hovered above me. It was an agonizing sound that would last anywhere from a few minutes to the better part of an hour. The crying evolved to voices and she began urging me to go to the house that she disappeared from. By the time she started speaking to me I had become obsessed with both her and her case and was certain that she was using me as a vessel to solve her disappearance and find her remains.

Her demand of me to travel to her house became so overwhelming that in the dead of winter I abruptly drove 10 hours through the night in awful weather conditions to get there. The experience I had when arriving at the house was surreal. I became physically and violently ill. It felt like a combination of the worst flu you could imagine, drug withdrawal, dehydration, and a stroke all mixed into one. I could feel her presence leave my car and then suddenly the illness subsided. I felt calm for a moment but was then overcome by a sinister feeling; a sense of dread and foreboding.

I realized at this time that she did not want me to solve her disappearance, she just wanted me to bring her home - but in her place something else attached itself to me. The drive home was extremely depressing, and I felt as though a dear friend had died, though I knew I wasnt alone, there was still something with me - it just wasnt her anymore.

In the first few weeks after I returned home I was desperate to get her back. I dont know if it was became I missed her or I was afraid of the new thing that had attached itself to me and I wanted her back to rid me of it. I began calling it the root because it attached itself to the northern most corner of my bedroom. It was like a giant ball of negative hateful energy that just stayed right there and pulsated a sense of existential dread. Despite its extreme negativity I felt like I was a slave to it.

This was my life until two weeks ago. I had decided that if I didnt force myself to get out and find help, this thing would consume me. I went to a New Age spiritual shop in my town where they hold psychic readings and workshops and spoke to a medium there who said she specialized in cleansings. I had her come to my house so she could see what she would be working with and upon entering she became ill and had to use the bathroom. She said this called for more than what she could handle and came back with a few different people. They spent the day doing a cleansing ritual and that evening for the first time in over a year my home was free from that evil #$@$ing thing.

It feels so nice to be free from all of that and if I can offer one word of advice it would be to never touch a Ouija board unless you know exactly what youre doing. I still hope that the girl has found peace wherever she is.

Posted on Reddit by SOSthetroubleis.

Alexa turn the lights on I demand, arriving home after a long shift at work.

Kayyyy a low and scratchy voice responds from the dark.

Posted on Reddit by gusbus1990.

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