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For every subgenre (deep house music, roguelike video games, postmodern novels) there will always be snobs who tell you that's not true to the ORIGINAL spirit..

At any rate...

The superb deep house music albums below are almost certain to blow you away! Press play on a few and enjoy...

shaizairam - MY SONG

MY SONG by shaizairam song img

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- Dwig - What's Paradise (Full Album)

Artist: Dwig

Title: Whats Paradise

Label: Dwig

Catalogue: DWIG02

Format: 2x12

Genre: Electronic

Style: Deep House

Release Date: June 2017


A1. Rise - (00:00)

A2. Pyramid Mountains - (1:25)

A3. Room 26 - (9:14)

B1. Southern Sightseeing - (12:01)

B2. Hidden Spot - (18:34)

C1. What's Paradise - (23:44)

C2. Used To It - (31:35)

D1. Piece Of Music (35:51)

D2. Way To Eden (43:55)

Not an answer, but a tribute to one of the most important questions in life.

Phil said: 'Quite honestly I'm very surprised that instrumental and boom-bap enthusiasts, hip-hop producers and beat headz, or those who consider themselves to be more oldschool raphip-hop connoisseurs, don't want or make an effort to cross paths with electronic, house and downtempo music more often. I mean these are cousins of each other, if not more closely related than that. A lot of people I see, particularly young people, think hip-hoprap and housedance (in the more pure, authentic, perhaps "underground" sense) are mutually exclusive when it comes to almost everything, which couldn't be further from the truth of course. Bothall genres have an influence on each other and blend in with one another at moments. I mean, you pitch up certain hip-hop instrumentals and they become a 44 house track. I don't know what it is... it's like some people just can't make the jump. Tempo must have something to do with it. I think there are some ignorant culturalhistorical associations and beliefs with each as well. But I still don't understand it. For my friends and I growing up, dance and hip-hop were connected at the hip, and my teenage to early adult years were heavily dominated and influenced by hip-hop and rap. Now I'm obsessed with house, techno, and electronic music in general for the past 5-6-7 years, but they've always been there next to each other.'

Vorwärts zu den Wurzeln said: '00:00 Rise

01:23 Pyramid Mountains

09:13 Room 26

12:01 Southern Sightseeing

18:32 Hidden Spot

23:43 What's Paradise

31:34 Used To It

35:50 Piece Of Music

43:54 Way To Eden'

Ezequiel said: 'Que album perfeito, slk'

Dwig - What's Paradise (Full Album) by

Lιηλ - Deep House

Deep House by Lιηλ song img

Hot Natured - Benediction

Benediction by Hot Natured song img

- Kygo Greatest Hits Full Album 2021 Best Of New Songs Kygo Kygo Top 15 Songs 2021

Thiago Reis said: 'Um dos melhores djs do mundo ....'

Hanna Buli said: 'Cudownie '

Hafiz Fathi said: 'King of deep house, i love it '

Kygo Greatest Hits Full Album 2021 Best Of New Songs Kygo Kygo Top 15 Songs 2021 by

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